Sunday, January 19, 2014

Something's In the Air

I fixed my wind chimes.

Will's children broke them with a football. I needed strong glue to put them back as they were. While I was waiting for glue, I started poking around the big house and I found part of a wind chime very similar to mine. So instead of trying to glue, I combined the two.

And that has worked very well. I added some beads and hung them up. Then I empowered them so that the Winds of Change brought positive influences into my life. Each time I walk across my porch, they're merrily clanging away.

It feels like spring. I know we are still in the depth of winter. I know there will be more frost, more freezing, and harsh cold days. But right now the sun is warming.

I am starting to feel like my skin is too tight. I want to move and grow. I just rearranged all the living room furniture. I moved bookcases. I pushed and scrubbed and cleaned. I want to throw open windows and doors. I want to feel the power of my element, earth. I want to feel the power of growing things. I want to climb rocks and trees. I want to feel the pulse of the earth under the bare soles of my feet.

It may be early yet, but this spring will birth itself quickly in a burst.

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