Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow, Eventually

Tuesday, everyone on Facebook had posted pictures of snowy yards. Some people had a winter wonderland and some had white mush clinging to the car.

I had rain. Cold, misting rain. Then I had sleet. Then I had a yard full of ice. And finally, late in the evening, I got snow.

I got roughly three inches. I still have snow covering most of the ground.

Tuesday, Will was sent home early because of the weather. His truck slid on I-85 as he drove beneath an underpass. The road under the bridge was completely iced over. He was unharmed, just a bit unnerved. We didn't go anywhere Wednesday because the snow was supposed to melt, but temperatures were dropping below freezing, so we assumed ice would be everywhere. We stayed inside playing with my dogs, reading, cooking, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Will's work opened later in the morning today to give ice time to melt. I'm waiting until this afternoon to go to the store.

Before my Northern readers start making fun of Southerners and snow, we are not equipped to deal with it. We don't have snow chains for our tires. We don't have road crews salting the highway and if they do put out salt they never have enough because officials here don't realize how much salt it takes. Sometimes they try to put out sand because they think it works just as well. Sand might provide a little more traction but it doesn't melt a damn thing. Most of the houses here are all electric. When the power goes out people have no heat because fireplaces are considered a luxury. If there is a fireplace the home owner will be lucky to have enough wood. Most people don't want to chop wood, they probably don't have enough trees on their property anyway and that just leaves buying wood which is horribly expensive.

We never lost power here, and I have gas heat. I am always filled with wonder when I see snow, but I am also really glad to see it melt so life gets back to normal.


Aine O'Brien said...

Wow, I never thought about that - no preparation for slippery roads, electric heat, and no wood. I guess even though we are buried in snow, we are prepared for it.Good thing, too since all it does is snow. Stay safe and warm!

FreeDragon said...

To make it worse, our houses are designed to be cool- high ceilings, wide rooms, lots of windows, and ceiling fans. And in the summer with 110 heat indexes those are wonderful things. But on the rare snow days I wish we had small rooms that could easily be closed off to conserve heat.

Living in Muddy Waters said...

I am absolutely NOT making fun of you, because we had the same problem here in my neck of the woods, but your post made me think of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" the way it was worded. If you put the sand on the ice, you realize it is slippery. You realize it is slippery so you try to put salt...