Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Maze as a Problem Solving Tool

Hello, My Dear Readers! As is normal for this time of year, I am cleaning up, throwing out, setting goals, releasing, and settling business. I just went through my old journals. I found notes for an article I intended to submit to a Pagan magazine. I don't exactly remember, but I think I didn't submit the article because I didn't finish it before the deadline. But I can give it to you. If this type of reading helps you, please let me know.

This is involves Tarot and mazes, as in the child's puzzle. Let me say now, please choose a simple maze. And make sure you chose a maze and not a labyrinth which is one singular path. A maze has several paths. This is a labyrinth:
One path to the center. The purpose of a labyrinth is to still the mind for a walking meditation. This is a maze:
There is no center; you start on one side and work your way through to the end. There are many dead-ends. This is a puzzle. It has at least one solution. It may have more than one solution. If it has no solution it is not a maze, just a design of random lines.

Pick out a fairly simple maze. The maze is a symbol for the path you are on. It's showing you the path you will take as you search for a solution. Picking a complicated maze for this reading is an indication that you make things hard on yourself. Regardless of how easy the maze is, it is important that you have never tried to solve the maze that you are using for the reading. Remember, if you know the answer you aren't divining.

At the starting point, state your problem. Say, "I am _____ and I wish to know what events will unfold." Draw a Tarot card. This represents you and where you are.

Work the maze. At each turn, draw a card (now you see why simple is better!) These cards represent the obstacles/people/challenges you will encounter. Reversed cards indicate blocks or issues you must work through.

Reaching a dead-end in the maze means you will become side-tracked or you will not be successful. If you have more than three dead-ends during the maze reading consider getting out or removing yourself from the situation.

Solving the maze on the first try means you can successfully find a solution in real life.

Pay attention to suits- mostly swords means the greatest resistance comes from what you or others think, or that problems arise from spoken words. Cups represent emotions getting in the way. Wands can be either passion or temper. Pentacles tend to represent people putting their own needs first or that money will be involved. Major arcana cards are indicators of life changing events or reoccurring themes in your life.

Some other variations:
Draw runes instead of Tarot cards.
Roll dice at each turn. Apply numerology to the dice rolls.
Instead of seeing only problems, try to see events as lessons. Even when people are being difficult, something can be learned. Are you simply reacting or are you moving forward in your life?

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