Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25 of Kitchen Witchery- Permanent Peace/Happiness/Good Energy

I just realized I am in dire need of a 'well-behaved child' spell, and it occurs to me that with the stressful holidays upon us, some of you may need it too.

This falls under the category of 'permanent spells' meaning the spell runs for as long as you wish. There is no final end result. It's not like doing a spell for a car and the spell is over when you get the title. It's not a 'building' spell either, in which you perform a series of spells to obtain a long-term goal like a spell to get in a good school, a spell to make good grades, a spell to get the classes you want, another spell for financial aid, a spell to graduate with honors, and then a spell to get a good job in your field. Permanent spell means having one condition continuously.

One of Will's children was excessively whiney. He pitched fit after fit, even throwing things while he was getting in trouble. He spent most of the day in the corner. I decided I needed some kind of spell that promoted harmony and positive energy.

I don't have pictures for you because I haven't entirely decided what elements to us. But here are a few ideas:

1. If you have a clock that chimes, charm the clock. Decide what emotions you would like- happiness, peace, security, etc. Say Each time this chime sounds, _______ fills the room. Imagine the room being filled with white light. Picture members of you household in contentment. Mentally repeat the spell whenever you hear the clock.

2. Place charged crystals in every corner of the room.

3. Write the troublesome one's name on a slip of paper. Place the paper in a small bottle or jar and fill with sugar. Any time they show negative behavior, shake the bottle to make them sweet.

4. Place crystals around a photograph of the individual. If they are behaving very badly, pour a ring of salt around the picture first. You will need to change the salt every three days until their attitude changes.

5. Cast a large circle in the room with the intent that negative emotions will be destroyed.

6. Clean up. Negative energy likes to hide under furniture and in dark corners. Get rid of clutter and trash so that it has no place to hide. Negative energy attracts more negative energy.

7. Hang pictures or art that says 'peace' to you. These might be vacation photos or posters of exotic places. Each time you walk by and see the art, remind yourself that your home is just as wonderful as that place.

8. Create a burden basket. This is an empty basket placed outside the entrance to the home. Before family enters the house, they are encouraged to leave their worries and fears outside in the basket.

9. Charm your doormat. In chalk on the back of the mat, write your spell, runes, or draw symbols for happiness. Each time the mat is stepped on, the spell is activated. This can be done on area rugs, too just make sure you use chalk! I once drew runes with permanent marker and it stained the carpet under the rug.

10. Hang prisms in the windows. Make sure the windows are clean. Wash the glass, wipe away cobwebs, and hang fresh curtains.

11. Charm an item the individual uses. This could be a toy, a game, video, or a pillow. Clearly visualize the person in a happy state of mind whenever they are near the object.

12. Bake sweets and serve. If you're not into cooking, fill a candy dish with the person's favorite treat.

13. Create a touch stone. This could be a statue or simply a large decorative crystal or stone. Each time you enter or leave the room, touch it and say 'peace' or 'happiness' or 'love'. The idea is to store up good energy so that it is always present in the house.

14. Set rules and enforce them. Clearly tell everyone in the house what is acceptable and what is not. Explain what will happen if they do not behave. And then stick to it. Every single time.

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