Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24 of Kitchen Witchery- Fried Salmon Patties

Makes a bit of a mess, but worth it.

You need: drained canned salmon, egg, a little flour, cooking oil or Crisco
Optional- cornmeal and onion

I use at least two cans of salmon. I like 'Double Q', pink salmon. If you use this brand you will need to remove all the bones. Most of the time the bones can easily be scrapped off with a fork. Sometimes I use 'Chicken of the Sea' brand because it is already boneless BUT the cans are small. Sometimes I combine the two brands.

Mix together salmon, egg, and just enough flour to make a somewhat dry mixture. Sometimes I do half flour and half cornmeal just because fish battered in cornmeal is delicious. I add flour slowly. At this point you could also add diced onions, either white or green. Make patties sort of like making hamburgers, but less than half the size. Big patties tend to fall apart easy.

I generally fry my salmon patties in Crisco. The fish tends to soak up the oil and it is fair easier to add more Crisco than more oil. The pan of oil needs to be fairly hot to make a good patty. Sprinkle flour into the oil. If it sizzles the pan is ready.

Fry patties and drain on paper towels to remove excess oil. The beauty of using canned salmon is the meat is fully cooked when you buy it. Canned tuna can be used in place of salmon if you prefer.

Will doesn't like salmon, but he will eat as many salmon patties as I place before him.


floridagirl said...

That's been a family staple since I was a child~ we leave the bones in and crush them up. No onion or cornmeal~ we use the same recipe as you do. I actually love them cold as does my youngest child.

FreeDragon said...

Ah ha! We are from the same area!

I could handle a rib bone, but the spine? Bleh! I give my dogs both bones and water from the can. They love it.

I like them cold, too, I just rarely have leftovers.