Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 22 of Kitchen Witchery- Computer As Divining Tool

This is my computer. I change my backgrounds and screen savers often. I get bored looking at the same thing all the time. I like for my computer to match my moods and/or the seasons. Sometimes these pictures are just for pretty and sometimes they represent magick. If I wanted more prosperity in my life, I might choose a picture that represents wealth to me, like a big gold dragon hording treasure. Today I'm going to show you how to predict the future with your computer. This is really easy. All you need are a few pictures and a little forethought.

This works the same way as asking the Universe to send you a sign. Have you ever wonder which direction to take and then suddenly something appeared? Maybe you were wondering if you should go to the park and then a puppy ran across the street. I would take that as a sign to relax and enjoy myself. Or maybe you're debating changing jobs when you notice a truck similar to one your father had. This might be a sign that a new job would allow you to provide better for your family. The Universe sends us signs all the time, and sends them faster if we ask for them. The trick is paying attention.

Here's where the forethought comes in- select pictures that have meaning to you. I chose Celtic knots for a unified theme. The knot in the first picture means security and abundance to me because it is a circle (safe place) and the colors are rich (life giving elements and wealth). I also chose a knot with horses for beauty and passion, a complicated woven knot to signify needlework (meaning I should focus on my hobbies), foxes for cunning, and a dragon knot for good luck. I think in all I have 7 knots. Some I really like but I didn't exactly decid what they mean. I'll figure this out if I see them over and over. The Universe will be trying to tell me something!

I can change the background by clicking on the screen. Then I click on 'personalize'
Choose 'desktop background'
This brings up several photos. I had to change folders to get the pictures of knots.
Click on a picture to select it. Hold down the control key to choose multiple pictures. Then go to the bottom of the screen to set the timing. This is 'Change picture every:' I selected one minute, but I could have used every 30 seconds, every 3 minutes, every hour, or every day. I wanted the pictures to change fairly often, but not so fast that I didn't notice the change and not so long that I got bored waiting for a new picture. Then I turned 'shuffle' on so my pictures would be random. It's not divining if you know what's coming. I also turned my screen saver off. This was a personal preference for me. It doesn't matter either way.
Now you go about your normal business and try not to stare at the computer. The goal is to occasionally notice the images without trying to force anything. For instance, if you get an email that causes you to wonder what to do, check your desktop background. How does that picture relate to your question? This is the knot that represents sewing and needlework (and is on the computer as I type, strangely enough) so if I saw it I might decide I should focus on what is important to me, or I might decide I need to take care of responsibilities but not stress over them. I may decide it means to pursue an idea I've had.

This kind of divining is very flexible because the meanings aren't 'set' or 'fixed' so you can have any kind of pictures to meet your needs. The problem with it is that you could be too limited so you won't get a wide range of possibilities. I think between 5 and 20 pictures is fair bet. This isn't supposed to be an all-knowing oracle, just a fun thing to do to expand your consciousness.

If you're not sure what kind of pictures to use, try scanning Tarot cards from your favorite deck. When a card appears, treat it just as if you drew the card. If you're into totems, try pictures of your favorite animals, and if numerology is your thing there are a multitude of decorative numbers on Google Images. Astrology/Zodiac signs could be very useful, too. Locations or sacred sites would be great indicators of cultures to study. Mythology can indicate which gods to work with.

You may want to keep a notepad nearby. This allows you to track success rates. It also indicates the pictures that have more than one meaning. What if you don't think this is working? Try a new set of pictures. Try adjusting the timing. Maybe one picture per day works better for you. If you decide it doesn't work at all, you haven't lost any money, just the time it took to set your computer.

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