Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15 of kitchen Witchery- Real World Updates

It was a good idea, a series of Witch posts. I just planned too many of them. October's Witches went great. I was done with that months ahead of time. November's Kitchen Witch posts stalled a bit and that's why on November 1st (as I'm writing this) I'm not done. But I am going to finish up the month. However, I won't be doing all the crafting posts I planned for December. Instead of posting something each day, I'll post a few projects, probably one per week. I keep forgetting how much I do at the end of the year. Some how, despite all my best efforts, I get roped into making things- lots and lots of things. I made a blanket for Will and he loved it. Loved it so much he wants me make more. And I'm trying to talk him out of that. I managed to get him to agree to a simpler design, now I have to work on less recipients. I love Will. He's very generous. Sometimes too generous. I don't think everybody needs a homemade blanket. He does.

Another problem I ran into was remembering what I had already written. I posted about my cookbook twice. Ooops. And while I've done recipes, I haven't actually taken pictures of the cooking process which was what I planned to do originally. I have noticed that when I start to cook, everyone piles in the kitchen, hovering around the stove, waiting for a bite. Dogs, Will, boys, relatives, friends...only when alone could I get some photos that didn't have little heads peering into pots. I'm not alone much anymore.

I'm spending a lot of time at Will's house. I've never cooked in his kitchen, mainly because I can't find anything. It's his parents' kitchen. Everybody has different ideas about how the kitchen should be organized. Will arranges the kitchen to suit his needs. Mom comes up and puts her kitchen back the way she wants it, even though she doesn't live here. Little sister finds cool stuff and takes it back to her house. Middle sister gets jealous and takes things for spite. Will knows the whet stone is in the kitchen SOMEWHERE so he dumps out all the drawers looking for it. I'm not photographing that mess.

I'm about to start spending more time over there because soon we will start remodeling. Then I will be moving. As if all that wasn't enough, I'm getting really annoyed with Google. Blogger doesn't work very well. I discovered that what I write doesn't always post as I wrote it. Pictures tend to get chopped off if they are too large (however, they look fine before publishing so I don't know until the post is public). Google insists that one account allows me to use everything connected with Google, but when I sign into one account it is damn near impossible to sign out and into a different account. No, I do not want the accounts connected. They are separate for a reason. And you know what Google? Before you went to this 'improved' bullshit I could go to anything on your various sites without any problems. You didn't fix anything, you made something simple more complex. I get so annoyed trying to blog that I am thinking hard about moving everything over to WordPress.

To top it all off, right now I'm sick and don't know why. I've been lightheaded. I can't do much of anything at the moment. It's hard to focus. I get exhausted walking across the house. I'm about to go back to bed.

I will plod on. But when all this is done, my blog could be very different.

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