Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14 of Kitchen Witchery- Spells & Magick

You didn't think I'd go through the whole month without giving you some good stuff, did you? All these pictures (and many more) can be found on my Pinterest Board Magic. The link to me on Pinterest is to your right under the heading 'Stalk Me. Ya Know Ya Wanna'
One of the easiest ways to bring magick into your daily life is to draw symbols on the bottom of your shoes. Every time you take a step, the spell is activated. Be careful when drawing; chose a medium that won't easily stain carpet. I like chalk. Yes, it does come off. But that is part of the spell- you know it worked when nothing is left of your symbols.
Numerology. I seem to always look at the clock when the time is either 11:11 or 1:11. Occasionally I see 12:12, 2:22, or 3:33. I knew that meant something, I just didn't know what. When I found this picture, I started stating wishes whenever I saw 1:11 or 11:11. I would think 12:12 indicates mastery of a subject or art, 2:22 is strong feminine energies, and 3:33 is a very lucky time.
Pendulum chart. Works like a Ouija board. Let the pendulum swing freely over the board. It will spell out messages. Like anything else, it takes a little practice. When working with the Spirit world, always protect yourself. Cast a circle, burn some sage or incense, and when you are done, close portals and clean up lingering energies.
I love gargoyles. Select one carefully, like picking out a puppy. Give it a comfortable place in your home or garden, and ask it to protect you. It should be treated with respect. It will probably need to be 'fed' energy either from yourself, crystals, water, or herbs.
No silk? Cotton embroidery floss will work just as well.
Sigils can be drawn on paper, carved into candles, or traced into salt. Don't use a symbol just because it looks cool. Find out what it means before you use it.
This is a veve. They are used in Voodoo. Veves are activated by sound. Every loa has it's own veve. Research loa and veves well before working with them as loa can be easily offended. They will either help you or they won't. Offerings help, but most loa are expecting a relationship, not a favor.
Viking bind rune to help find the way home when lost in a storm, even if the way is not known. Activate before travel or each month so that the spell will work in emergency situations. Works with any kind of storm, not just the serve weather kind.
I posted this picture because that's a spell under the crystal ball. Crystal balls can manifest things onto the physical plane. No ball? No problem, crystals, gemstones, and rocks work just as well.
What would you leave for someone else?
Weather magick is a great way to attune with nature and your personal landbase. Weather magick is mostly observation.
Voodoo dolls work! They are easy to make, can be made from household items, and if they have enough detail, they can be works of art.
Prayer flags come from India and Asia. They are often made from silk and have prayers printed on them. Each time the flag moves by the wind, the prayer is carried up to Heaven. It is believed prayer flags are very beneficial to people living nearby even if those people have not read the prayers on the flags. Like Voodoo dolls, prayer flags are easy to make. These are made of cotton and have pictures, not words. Prayer flags don't require much sewing. They should be replaced when they become worn, tattered, or faded.
Bind Runes. Runes are said to work best for people who are of Germanic descent (I am). Runes can be used for divining, to write secret spells, as symbols drawn onto candles, or combined with other runes to make powerful spells (shown here). There is lots of information on the 'net about runes and I advise you to learn the system before combining as not all of them combine well.

I could have kept going, but I decided this is more than enough to explore as everything on this list is a vast subject in and of itself. You could dedicate years to just studying one thing. I tried to pick a wide variety from many systems because in my experience, most Witches mix systems. It can be hard to advance due to a lack of higher information. Most Witches try to learn magick from other cultures and incorporate that into their personal practice. I don't know of any Witch that uses only one tradition.

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