Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 11 of Kitchen Witchery- Key Magick

Hecate is a Goddess I work with often. She is often shown with 3 keys. I assume those keys represent past, present, and future as She is a Goddess of time, limits, cycles, and restrictions. When I work with Hecate, I almost always have keys on hand.
I collect keys. Not just old, antique skeleton keys, but house keys and car keys too. Keys have their own special magick and they so common place that their magick is often overlooked.
Just about every person on the planet has keys. Everybody carries them around every day. If you wanted to secretly carry a spell, keys would be the way to go. Nobody ever questions keys. Keys are so common place we even let babies play with them. My mother still has a set of primary colored plastic teething ring keys. She said I loved them very much.

Keys are great spell components if you wish to 'unlock' or know a secret. Keys can be power objects- people of importance have the keys to unlock restricted doors. Think of how many phases use the word 'key'- key players, key elements, keys to success, key to learning. Keys are sometimes symbols of clues, as in what is needed to have the answer.

Keys are also protective- they lock out the unwanted. Keys make us feel safe and secure and to give someone a key to show trust. Keys are also a rite of passage- 'big kids' get house keys and everybody wants their own set of car keys when they turn 16.

Keys represent mystery. Whenever we find a key we immediately wonder what it goes to. What's behind the locked door? What's in the safe deposit box or the bus locker? What's hidden in the trunk?

Keys have become works of art. You can now buy keys with images printed directly on the key. The key in this picture might be excellent for working with fairies or gaining entrance to other worlds. Any desire you have, you can find a key to match it.
And if the keys themselves weren't magickal enough, there are key rings. Here's one for opening the realm of the dead.
This one could be used to bring order to chaos or to find the answer to a perplexing problem.
Or maybe you could use a fictional character's attributes to protect yourself. This one immediately made me think protection from psychic vampires.

Here are some ways to use keys in spells:
To achieve a goal, gather as many keys as you have steps in obtaining your desire. Carry the keys with you. Each time you complete a step, move the key to safe place. When the goal has been met, empower all the keys as a good luck charm.

Gather a key for each door and window in your home. Use the keys to 'lock' your home with white light. Hang the keys in a secure location to prevent thieves and trespassers.

Keys gather personal energy. You can establish a psychic connection to a person by holding their keys and absorbing their energy.

When working with keys, don't forget about locks. Locks can be charged as well. A small padlock left open on your altar can assist in removing blocks of all kinds.

Keys make great pendulums and be used for divination and dowsing.

Carry a key that represents a subject you wish to master.

Sleep with a key under your pillow to learn the meaning of dreams.

If you wish to obtain a new home, obtain a door key. Clearly state what kind of home you want. Carry the key with you until you move then keep the key above the door as a house protection charm. This also works with cars and office promotions.

If you're faced with several options and don't know which to chose, use a different key to represent each choice and place them in a bag. Randomly draw a key. This will tell you what direction to take or how to focus your energies.

If you are unsure of how to summon and release energies during ritual, place a key in each of the four directions of your circle. Turn the key clockwise to summon and counterclockwise to release.

If you have trouble contacting a person, place a key under the phone so that the communication path is unlocked and open to allow your message through.

Mundane tip- don't forget to label your spare keys!

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