Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10 of Kitchen Witchery- The Powders

Yesterday, I mentioned potions and powders. Here are all my home-made powder recipes. All of them are my own inventions. I created these recipes via a pendulum. I went through Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and made lists based on what was available in the spice section of my local grocery store. I then used the pendulum to determine which herbs should go together. I used numerology to figure out how many times to chant. Usually, thought not always, the number of the ingredients is a multiple of number of times to chant. For example, 9 ingredients, chant 3 times.

Powders can be sprinkled around the home, in doorways, across a person's path, or around photographs or personal objects. Candles can be rolled in powders, but be careful, this sometimes causes sparking or it adds fuel to the flame.

When you make powders, you need a signature ingredient. This is one thing that is added to all your powders and its sole purpose is to bind your magick and energy to the spell. A signature ingredient can be almost anything- flower petals, sugar, a spice, salt, or even a crystal. I use dragon's blood resin. A little bit is all you need. Because powders are generally not consumed, I don't worry about my signature ingredient being inedible. BUT if I thought my powder would be consumed for any reason, I would use all food safe ingredients.

Love Powder
1 tsp each of a signature ingredient, dill weed, allspice, nutmeg, poppy seed, cinnamon, rosemary, and sage
1 drop each rose oil, gardena oil
Grind together very well. Store without a lid until mixture is completely dry.
Make on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday during a new or full moon.
Burn a white, red, pink, or green candle and chant 3 times:
Midnight blooms with passion's embrace,
lust encircles the lovers' haste.
Hearts beat as one, pulsing with fire,
rising strong, fulfilling desire.
Enchantment brings throbbing delight.
Magick's afoot as our bodies unite.

Good Health Powder
5 tsp each- signature ingredient, garlic, sage, thyme, black pepper, allspice
Make on any day, any moon phase, but in the hour of the moon.
Chant once:
By the powers of the moon,
grant me this healing boon.

Psychic Powder
4 tsp each signature ingredient, thyme, mace, cinnamon, parsley, white glitter
Make on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday on a new moon.
Candle- white, blue, or purple
Chant twice:
By the powers of night,
grant me second sight.

Money Cleansing Powder (to remove negative feelings about money)
This one I either sprinkle in my wallet or I 'bury' my money in it when I have money woes.
Day to make- Saturday
1/8 tsp each signature ingredient, chamomile, ginger, mint, dragon's blood
1 crystal.

Money Powder (to help attract money)
1 tsp each signature ingredient, ginger, dill weed, basil, allspice, nutmeg
any moon phase
make on Wednesday or Thursday
Chant once:
Trinka 5, Trinka 5
ancient spirits come alive.
Money grow and money thrive,
spirits of the Trinka 5.

God Protection Powder
1 quartz placed in jar
1/2 tsp each of signature ingredient, red glitter, garlic, sage, thyme
Grind ingredients together
Make on a Sunday, at noon, or in the hour of the sun
Chant twice:
Father Sun, of strength and might,
aid this spell in taking flight
to its target, now please guide-
increase its power as it flies.

Banishing Creeps Powder (sprinkle it where he lurks or anyplace you want to be safe)
1/4 each signature ingredient, garlic salt, sage, cinnamon
Make on a Saturday, during the dark of the moon, or in the hour of Saturn
Chant once-
Be gone, be gone, be gone!
Move away, move on!
I separate you from me.
From this day on I am free!
Be gone, be gone, be gone!

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