Sunday, October 27, 2013


In some ways, I am really glad I did all these blogs posts ahead of time. It certainly allowed me to present some great pictures. But on the other hand, I have planned too big of a project and I don't know what I was thinking trying to pack a full three months of blogging into the end of the year (the busiest time of my life).  I am getting to enjoy much more of the season; I can feel the shifting energies (and boy, are things ever shifting). But when things change I don't get to write about it without disrupting the unity of my Witch posts.

I am about to move. I thought this would be much later, months and months away, but I get the sense things are about to start happening rapidly. I just checked my horoscope- there's a Yod coming and my domestic situation will be affected. And it's not just my housing situation. Lives are coming together. For the first time since I moved out of my parents' home, I will be residing with other people. The move will be affecting me, Will, his children, Will's parents (owners of the houses), and his sisters.

And as if all that isn't enough, we will remodeling a 150 year old house. And the yard. Oh my god, the yard needs so much work it is not even funny. We have to start on the yard because my three dogs need a pen. Will has a dog that had three puppies. And his sister just left a pit bull, sweet dog but huge and nobody wants her.

Just because we invest the time and money into remodeling and landscaping doesn't mean the house will be ours forever. At any time, Will's sister could move back and demand her house be hers again. So we have to have a plan B, clear out the back lot for a trailer or build a house and we barely have money to take care of one house let alone multiple residences. I have the sinking feeling Will is going to get screwed somewhere along the line.

Today, Will's baby sister suddenly decided to go visit her boyfriend. In Huntsville, AL. She has been getting the kids off to school and off the bus while Will is at work. She hasn't said when she is coming back. She is living in the big house. Will is living in the small house. She wants to swap houses in two weeks. The other sister was living in the big house before getting a job out of state. Are you confused yet? I am and I know what's going on. Middle sister is a horder, baby sis tried to fix up a house that needs to be gutted, realized she bit off more than she can chew, now she wants the smaller, more livable house, and Will has way too many repairs before winter.

There is no working heat pump in either house. There is a massive water bill that must be paid in the big house. Some of the rooms don't have lights because Will's brother-in-law ripped out copper wiring to sell for scrap metal. He probably got $30. It's going to cost around $200 to replace the wiring. The brother-in-law started several remodeling projects like tearing off porches and the laundry room, but he never finished most of them. We don't know how much damaged he cause by leaving wall studs exposed to the elements. Where he did complete a remodel, we don't know if he did it correctly and some of that may need to be redone. We do know when he 'fixed' the roof he forgot the flashing so at least one room leaks badly. Read that as fix roof again, then fix walls, and floor. Why isn't he around to either make good on his projects or shell out some repair money? He's in prison. I'm pretty sure he won't get out, but if he does I bet he can't leave the state, so hmm, where would he want to live?

The middle sister is supposed to be sending money for bills since, you know, it was her house and she was supposed to be taking care of it for the last five years. Somehow, despite going from earning $26,000 a year to $60,000 a year, she has no money. And that's why the water bill hasn't been paid and the baby sister was using Will's hose pipe as her sole water source thus doubling his water bill.

Will's parents, even though they are the home owners, aren't paying for anything. They are in Ft. Rucker. They are retiring next year. I guess they think in a year's time we'll have everything fixed and they can move into a newly remodeled house and one child or two can move out. Will has a standing job offer in Dothan. Sometimes I think it would be better if he took the job NOW, we move farther south and we sensibly rent a place that has nothing to do with his family.

No, still not done with this story, it gets more twisted. Will's ex is off her meds again. She stopped going to AA meetings so her doctor won't see her. She's going to a meeting Monday, seeing the doctor on Wednesday and probably still won't have meds until Thursday or Friday. Because Baby Sis left town, it falls to me to get the children off to school. The ex is in full panic mode because she doesn't want me to 'replace' her BUT she already lost custody due to her drug addictions. She is totally unstable. She has moved four times in six weeks. I haven't moved four times in 15 years. She's unreasonable and difficult to deal with anyway, but since she's been off medication for nearly two weeks, it's like trying to explain high speeds to a turtle. She's just not comprehending the logic. The ex thinks she should stay at Will's house until Baby Sis comes back. Uh, let me think...not no, but HELL NO.

I'm tired. Really, really tired. I have to go back to Will's tonight. He's getting up at 3am. Then the older boy goes to ROTC/drill/school Then the younger kids go to school. Finally, I hope, I can come home. I am already feeling the pinch of managing two houses. My dogs are here. I need to be there. Laundry needs to be done. Bills here need to be paid. I have to take things that Will forgot here to him and I pray I don't forget something important. I have to shower before I leave here, but I have to bring food with me for tomorrow. And all this going back and forth is costing a lot of gas.

I'm a Capricorn. I like routine and order. This is getting to be fruit-basket-turn-over. I haven't even moved yet! I'm still under a lease. I still have to replace the kitchen floor in this house because my dog chewed up the linoleum. Also, I foolishly said I'd paint the interior when I moved. I really wish things would hurry up and settle. I don't know how long I can be in between.


catherine said...

Wow....This sounds like massive chaos. Not that it's any of my business, :D but are you sure it's a good idea to move into this place? There seems to be sooo many areas that this could go wrong, and it could ruin your relationship with Will. We let my in-laws rent the basement apt in our house and It was a freaking nightmare, and it almost broke up me and hubby. Finally hubby had to tell his parents to gtfo because of all the shit my MIL caused. It's not fun watching someone you love get used and abused in your own house. Couldn't you and Will find a close place (but not too close) to rent instead?

FreeDragon said...

The more I think about it, the less I am enthralled with the idea. I have talked Will out of a few things that could get him screwed. I still haven't seen all of the inside of the big house. How it looks will probably influence my decision more than anything. Baby Sis is not coming back until after Thanksgiving. Will put the house swap on hold. Probably she thought he would do all the work. We decided she should be here and if she's not then no one is packing anything.

The ex wife is doing a half-ass job of taking care of her kids. Mostly she has gotten them to school, but three times she hasn't shown up so I have either spent the night or got up at an ungodly hour of the morning to put them on the bus. A friend of the older son has helped some with both dogs and kids and he has been wonderful. The ex wife has a new boyfriend and I expect her to just leave at some point- it's what she usually does, moves in with a guy she barely knows in another state then cries when she is homeless a few months later because her wonderful boyfriend was a thief/addict/abuser. Maybe this time when she takes off Will and I can secretly move to Dothan.

And yes, it is chaos!