Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31 Last

I debated for a long while about what our last Witch should be. She should be beautiful. She should be wise. She should have much to learn. She should be in between. She should know her craft. She should be sad and hopeful. She should be active. She should know and wait.

I settled on this picture for purely personal reasons- my father has had all the trees in the backyard removed. Trees I loved and grew up with are gone because he was afraid they would fall on the house. It reminds me of a quote about trees surviving flood, fire, and wind, but God cannot save the trees from fools. Yet, I understand the desire to protect the home from danger and a 200lb limb falling onto a roof is a real danger. But the trees I have loved for a life time are gone. Do you know what Witches do when the trees are cut? They plant more. Witches, for all we are blamed and accused of, we Witches always work forward. The only time we work back is to remove blocks so that we may move forward. That is the true beauty of Witches, no matter how physically ugly we may be.

I was born a Witch. But I also became a Witch because I had to learn the name for what I am. I had to learn there are others like me, others with secrets and burdens. Others who do not rest, who never stop learning, who teach by simply being. It is wonderful and frightening to know I create reality.

If I could only tell a person one wise thing, I would say be you. Don't worry about fitting in. If you don't fit blaze a path and others will follow. Be the Witch, not the angel. Live. Witches change the world. Make sure you are shaking yours.

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