Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 20- It's Time for a Ghost Story

We can't go all the way through October without a ghost story. I think I may have posted this in the past, but it's a good story AND true, so it bears repeating.

My friend Diana is married to a painter. Jeff got a job remodeling a lawyer's house. It was an old Southern house, with the 12 foot ceilings and wide front porch. One Friday, all the painting was done. A few other repairs remained, but those could wait until the next week.

Diana was outside washing windows. She hosed off a kitchen window and when the water cleared from the glass, she saw a woman standing in the kitchen. It was obvious the woman was a ghost. Diana ran screaming for Jeff. He told her she was crazy. She stuck to her story, but he didn't believe her. Finally Jeff told Diana to wait in the truck, he was going to gather up his tools and lock up the house.

Diana sat in the truck for a long time. It slowly began to get dark and Jeff still didn't come out. She started to worry because he should have came out a long time ago. She didn't want to go inside, but where was he? When it was almost full dark, Diana started thinking about going to the porch and calling for Jeff. Suddenly, he came around the house, white as a sheet. He got in the truck and they drove away. Diana asked several times what was wrong but he would not talk until they were back home.

Jeff put all his tools by the front door. He then walked around the house making sure windows were closed. He locked the back door, then headed towards the front. That is when he discovered he could not leave.

The house was changing. He would either walk into a room and that room looked nothing like it did moments before, or he would think he was about to walk through the dinning room but instead found himself in the bedroom. Jeff wandered around and around, getting more and more annoyed and frightened, thinking surely he must be crazy because rooms can't change. He thought all sorts of things- that he found a hidden section of the house, that his wife was playing tricks for making fun of her, that he had accidentally entered the house next door.

It was getting darker and darker and still Jeff couldn't find the exit. Desperate, he shouted, "Please let me out!" And there was the back door. He fumbled with the lock, then ran out without closing the door behind him. He never went back to the house again. He picked up his tools and last pay check from the lawyer's office.


Aine O'Brien said...

oh, great story!! He certainly got a preview of the other place! Did he believe in ghosts before that?

Haunted houses always fascinated me, but I always wished I could see one in action. And I did. Now when others roll their eyes, I tell them my story.

FreeDragon said...

I don't think Jeff believed in ghosts before. Now he certainly does. My house is sometimes haunted. Meaning I go thru bursts of activity, then long periods of nothing. I tell a select few.