Friday, October 18, 2013

A Call for Feedback

The problem with scheduling so many posts ahead of time is that when I want to write about something relevant I have no free day to post it :)

I have an idea for next year's Celebration of Witches. How many of you are interested in knowing the difference between types of Witchcraft? In other words, how often have you wondered what really makes a Kitchen Witch different from a Hedge Witch? Or what about the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft? I'm willing to go into other cultures and religions such as Voodoo and Hoodoo even though the practitioners don't call themselves Witches.

How many posts I write will depend on the response I get. I don't really see me writing a month's worth next time but I don't know, maybe all the terms that fall under Witchcraft is very confusing to outsiders. Or even to other Witches. Some people get really snotty about their personal practice. They insist on doing things 'the right way' but I can't tell how their practice is better or much different from mine.

I'm also willing to answer questions about tools, casting circles, calling quarters, and spells but I want the focus to be on difference between Witches.

So, who's with me? What do you want to know? I'm not claiming to be an expert, but if I get a question about a subject I am unfamiliar with, I am willing to look up the answer. If I get enough comments to this post, I'll create a page where people can leave questions. If no one comments, I'll assume my readers think I'm doing a fine job and you can be stuck with whatever I come up with next year.

If you're not comfortable posting questions in public, you can also email me Put something about 'Witch Question' in the subject line so I know it isn't spam.

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