Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Magick

This is more of a things-I-love-about-fall post rather than the magick I'm actually doing at this time, although I will show you some of what I focus on Witch-wise during the Dark of the Year.
Hands down, this is THE most beautiful time of the year. I love the colors! This is a great time to work with trees because not only are they more easy to identify, but the tree spirits are settling down to sleep. They are more relaxed. You can visit trees during the fall and winter, gently reminding them of your presence, and in the spring the tree spirits will be more responsive to you.
Cooler weather is a great time to quilt.
In autumn you don't mind a lot of blanket piled around you while you work.
Fall is perfect for all kinds of needle arts. It's quiet. People are more still.
I used this picture just because of the lamps in the background. Lamps become very magickal on late fall afternoons. I assume this lady is designing in between kitchen chores. That's what I do.
I am much more inclined to cook in autumn. I think it's because so many of the foods I like are rich and heavy. I love stews, fresh bread, and all kinds of baking. It's nice when the oven helps to warm the house instead of over-heating the house. My Granny used to cook early in the morning during the summer but during the cool fall, she was much more leisurely about cooking. In fall she puttered around the kitchen and never got in a rush.
And then there is my favorite bird- the crow. I see crows everywhere all the time, but during the fall they seem to be on a special mission. They call, they strut, they perch, and they really seem to shine among the bright leaves. I think they are telling the trees no matter how rich your reds and golds may be, black is always cutting edge fashion.
Crows are carrion birds and that leads us into the realm of the dead. The veil between the worlds is very thin at this time of year. The veil stays thin throughout winter and does not thicken until February. It is easy to communicate with the other side. There is no better way to commune with the dead than to visit a cemetery. I think it's best to visit cemeteries in the fall anyway because the plants are dying down so no worries of stinging nettle or poison ivy. The snakes are hibernating and the bugs aren't buzzing annoyingly.
As long as we are talking about visiting cemeteries, I intend to take Will to this grave. It's a dollhouse built on the grave of a little girl. She wanted a dollhouse but her parents were making her wait for Christmas. She died of complications from pneumonia before she got her present, which is why the little house is built over her grave. The family are actually my distant cousins. Will had seen the dollhouse grave before but didn't know the story. Now that I've explained things, he thinks the little house is very sad but sweet.
I have been wanting to get out my scrying mirror. I packed it away because I rarely use it. Scrying can be a fairly complex art in that it takes a good bit of practice. You don't need much to do it, a mirror, a crystal ball, a bowl of water, a burning candle, or a fire. BUT scrying works differently depending on which method used. Looking into the mirror is not like looking in the crystal ball. When I use my ball, I feel that the ball draws images from my subconscious. I feel like the mirror pulls me in. The ball is like having an extra view of your world and the mirror tends to send me between worlds.
I read the cards more in fall than at any other time of the year. I don't know if it is the thinning of the veil or the fact that the pace of life is slower so there are less issues to consider, but to me the cards seem more to the point and more accurate at reflecting scenarios. Usually at Halloween I do a spread for the year ahead, though sometimes I do this on New Year's Eve. Sometimes I go to parties and read for other people just for fun.

I could go on and on about autumn. I haven't even mentioned my fall wardrobe, pumpkins, hay rides, or Halloween decorations. Please go out and enjoy the season. Winter always comes too quick.

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