Friday, September 6, 2013

A Sudden Turn of Events

I was suppose to call the office yesterday to tell them how my hands were progressing. The person I was supposed to call was gone for the day. So I left a message- please reassign me, preferably to first shift.

Then I called Will. While I was on the phone, someone called but I was driving so I didn't answer. When I got to work, I checked the number but didn't recognize it. There was no voicemail message. I didn't call back because it was time to start my shift and hey, they didn't leave a message.

Today, no one called. I waited around, nothing. I called and was told my person was out to lunch. My fingers were badly swollen by this point and I really wanted to see a doctor. I waited around and finally my person called asking why I missed my 8:15 appointment.


Apparently, the temp agency called me right back from a different line which was why they didn't show up on my caller id. And they claim they left a very detailed message. Which I think is bullshit. Because I didn't call or show for the 'appointment' they ended my assignment. While I was on the phone trying to sort all this out, Will called the agency. I don't know what he said, but suddenly they are more than willing to keep me on the payroll. I got to see a doctor this afternoon. The doctor determined I had a dermatitis problem and the glue I work with made things worse.

Monday, I'm supposed to be reassigned. I don't know what jobs are available, and I'm a little bummed about the sudden lack of income, but I am sure glad I don't have to deal with glue and now I can insist on first shift. And neither the doctor visits or the medicine have cost me anything.

Sometimes it pays to have a bear for a boyfriend.

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