Monday, August 12, 2013

The Magick of Horses

I used to have this picture on my old computer. I loved it. I didn't know who the artist was; this was something I found while browsing and it really spoke to me. I liked it so much I used a variation of this painting when I made my aunt's horse quilt. I had several horses cascading from a dream catcher. Today, while on a completely different search for Luis Royo, this popped up. I am not 100% sure it's a Royo. If it is, this is an earlier work. But I will say I do love his work and I often discover he is the artist behind art I like. Usually I admire something, wish I knew who created it, then suddenly I will discover the very painting I have been admiring in an art book. This has happened so many times that I'm pretty sure I'll never see the entire collection, I'll just keep stumbling into his art like a delighted traveler falling into fairy land.


Vivienne Moss said...

Beautiful painting. I miss having horses. I used to live getting up first thing in the morning to go for a ride.

FreeDragon said...

Sounds romantic and adventurous! Despite growing up on a farm, I've never been around horses much. Dad didn't like them.