Monday, August 26, 2013

Some Thoughts

All my weekends are chaotic now. Part of the problem is Will's life is a mess. He can't say no. Everybody runs to him for the least little thing and he drops what he's doing to help. This means one mess after another and usually results in him missing meals or sleep. I would like for him to simplify and say no more often, but I can't force him to change.

Weekends are also the only time we have together so we tend to cram them full of togetherness. We are planning a road trip Labor Day Weekend. Well, actually, we're going out of town but have yet to finalize any details because we're too busy running around town like headless chickens.

Will cut grass for me Sunday. He was insistent that I walk around the yard to admire his work. It was nice, so much so that I didn't want to go in. After Will went home, I spent a long time in the swing. I moved some potted plants around. And I put my porch slightly back to rights. My house STILL isn't painted. The painter didn't show up at all this weekend despite the great weather. I am almost to the point of slapping paint on the house myself just so I can have some normalcy. I miss my humming birds. One buzzed angrily at me Sunday evening. I think she was telling me she's very hungry. I may hang the feeders from the trees. It is not fair to the birds to abruptly stop feeding them.

During my time outdoors, I noticed I was more relaxed, energized and focused. My goal now is to spend one hour outside every day.

I've been trying to organize, tidy up, and get on track. I'm really questioning what is necessary for my life. I think part of this is the time of year. Fall is when I start letting go of useless things. Fall is coming early. It is very cool here now. Usually August is blazing hot.

I did a good bit of sewing this weekend. Will lay beside me on the bed, watching and he texted me last night to say he had an idea for cross stitch. He's going to email me a drawing. I think it would be really cool if we created art together.

I discovered I am allergic to the flea repellent. My fingers swell slightly and are covered in tiny, itchy bumps. I'm treating the reaction and it's better now but hasn't gone away, presumably because the repellent is still in the house and I pet my dogs often. I guess I'll just suffer until the fleas are gone and then maybe I can try a different brand. My home remedies weren't working as effectively as I'd like. If lemon juice alone killed fleas and eggs and kept them from coming back, I wouldn't use a chemical spray at all. Lemon juice is more of an immediate temporary fix rather than a long term solution.

I am annoyed with the auction site yet again. They sent me an email saying my item would go up for auction on Friday. Awesome. Saturday I got another email, this one saying the auction closed before my item could sell but I was welcome to try again. What? Why close an auction when there are items waiting to come up? It's online. It's not like the building has to close at the end of the day. People from anywhere in the world can bid at anytime. Irked, I requested a new auction this morning but I think I really need to find something else.

I am still working on my Fall Witch posts. I am now two weeks into November. I like the writing in advance because it allows for a much more focused type of blog. I'm sure personal posts make blogs more interesting to the human experience, but just typing every few days leads to randomness. Of course, when I started this blog I intended for it be an online journal. I never intended to have just a Witch/Pagan blog or a sewing blog. It's nice to have a direction to go in, but scheduling all these posts really narrows the focus. I may not write about a traumatic event if I already have a week's worth of posts in a queue. I don't like multiple posts on the same day and I'm not sure how much I would want to reschedule or rewrite. What this blog should be has been on my mind a lot and I don't really have any answers.

Until next time...

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