Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On the Same Page

Will and I were having a texting discussion. He wants to go to the beach Labor Day weekend. And I groaned because, you know, white Irish skin that turns lobster red in minutes, I am not a beach person. Besides, the salt water burns the hell out of my contact lenses. So while I was thinking of how to say no, he suddenly got an idea- let's travel to historic places in Alabama.

Now that sounds much more enjoyable than still brushing sand out of my hair when I get home from the beach. We also agreed to go hiking. I used to love to hike when I was in my twenties. I like to go in the fall of the year, when it's cooler and the bugs don't swarm as much and the snakes are sleeping. I used to just hike all day, alone. That wasn't a big deal for me because as an only country child, I was used to wandering off by myself. Then I met Kevin, he threw a fit about me going places alone (no one will know what happened to you!), but he didn't want to go with me, so my hiking days came to an abrupt halt. I met Kevin in 2004 and other than the time Tanya and I hiked the Alpine Trail at Cherokee Bluff (too short to be a real hike. I like to walk all day), I haven't enjoyed Nature singing around me from a dim trail.

Will has the same sense of adventure as I do. He's agreeable to hiking as long as I 'take it easy on the ol' fat boy.' Really, I'm not in any shape to be out walking all day myself. But I want to be, and he's willing to go. And I'm willing to drive several hours if there's something really cool at the end of the road. I'm willing to pose beside stupid signs, point at monuments, and possibly learn more about where I live.

I've already started searching for interesting places. Let the wandering begin.

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