Friday, August 23, 2013

I Got In

Much to my surprise, the auction site worked after all.

I got an email from them reminding me to prepare for my upcoming auction.

Whoa. Really? Apparently there's a bit of a time delay when requesting an auction. So now I wait and see how it goes. If my item sells, I'll list some other things. If it doesn't, the hunt is on for a new online venue for selling my crafts, textiles, and art.

In other less than exciting news, all the ladies at work are planning their Thanksgiving menus. I kid you not. We cooks are already kicking around ideas and sharing recipes. It made me wonder what Will wanted to do. When I asked, he said he'd check with his sister and get back to me.


His sister is a pig. There just is no nice way to put it. She doesn't clean at all and she was an awful cook 20 years ago. I doubt much changed. I was really dreading being in a dirty house. When I say dirty, I mean just below the level on Hoarders. The dog often shits on the floor because no one bothers to take her out and the smell always lingers in the air because no one really cleans the mess up properly. Now if the house is bad, the kitchen can't be no better and I don't want to eat food prepared in a nasty kitchen.

But, Will told me she doesn't want to do Thanksgiving at her house because she is moving! She'll either be in a smaller house or still in the midst of packing boxes and doesn't want the stress of cleaning, and cooking a big dinner. Will wants to have Thanksgiving at his house. Woo Hoo! Will can cook. I believe I will organize things, we can split the cooking between us, and everyone should be happy. I am so relieved.

I am also working on my fall Witch posts. The 31 days of Witches is done, I'm about a week into November's Kitchen Witchery, and I have several idea for December's craft posts. Stay tuned!

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