Saturday, August 3, 2013

House Magick- Worms

Bear with me, this is one of those gross topics that Witches understand. Not because Witches are gross, but because we understand processes. We know the end result often requires dirty work and we just do what needs to be done to reach a certain goal. Witches are very good at understanding, and doing, what needs to be done. That's one of the many reasons we are feared.

I love worms. Worms are a sign of a very healthy eco-system. Worms make the soil rich. Worms turn waste into fertility. There is never just one worm, there is always a squirming mess of them, thus worms are all about abundance. Worms are also good luck because they create opportunity. Cut a worm in half and you get two worms. Worms carry both genders within themselves and therefor can mate with any other worm of the same species. They don't need to search for mates, they just happily exist together. To work with worms is to work earth magick, prosperity, good fortune, and community.

I've tried a few times before to start worm bins. I've never been successful, mainly because I didn't pay enough attention. The first time, I was under the mistaken impression that I didn't have to do anything at all. I just put some worms in a bucket of dirt. I didn't feed them. I left the bucket out in the winter chill. And when I dug around in the dirt, I didn't find anything.

The next time, my bin was too hot, too dry, and I still didn't feed them. The third time, I found lots of bugs- ants and beetles and things I've never seen. I've since learned this is normal, especially if the bin is outside sitting on the ground and the main food is compost. Everyone says raising worms is easy, but that's not exactly true because worms are living creatures and living creatures tend to be rather complex.

My Lammas ritual- to start a worm bin. The purpose of said worm bin would be to recycle kitchen waste and to improve my garden and potted plants. Perhaps, maybe, to use the worms as fish bait.

I sat on the grass, ground and centered, then said aloud my intent. I got a vague mmmm, maybe response because the land already knows I am not good with the worm thing. Within seconds, I had sugar ants crawling all over my hands. I am taking that to mean that if I screw up yet again, the ants will eat whatever the worms didn't get.

For the location, I settled on the outside corner of the dog pen. This area is always shady. Worms need darkness. I settled on tires as containers because tires are sturdy, black, and will hold warmth in the winter. Plus, I had some tires with plants that need to relocate, but more on that in a minute. These two tires aren't doing anything but blocking a hole in the fence.
This tire makes the base. I wanted something that would allow water to drain, but not worms to escape. I placed my offering to the land under the tire. Sometimes, the land needs sweet-talking.
My offering was mint from the garden, a bone, and a prism. I added the prism at the last minute because it just seemed right. I also added a horse shoe because I may need a little luck on this project.
I cut up an old sheet to use as a liner. Worms can probably chew threw fabric and if I think the worms are escaping, I'll try again with metal screen. I used upholstery tacks to hold the fabric in place.
I stacked the other tires on top. Tires also hold water, so the soil won't completely dry out. If I think things are too wet, I'll drill a few holes. Everything is now ready for shredded paper towels, top soil, and of course, worms. I may add a cover. Worms eat all kinds of organic matter. DO NOT feed worms grease or cooking oil because it will kill them. Don't add meat scraps because it attracts other animals. And if the worm bin is in the house, meat attracts ants and roaches. I placed another tire beside my new worm bin and it will be a planter for my foxglove. I had put the foxglove in the front yard but that space is too hot and bright. Foxglove is a shade plant. Mine is wilting.

I went to Hobby Lobby on the same morning I made the worm bin.
This birdcage was originally $49.99 but I got it for 50% off. I don't mind paying $24 and change for a birdcage.
I put some gourds beside the cage and my coyote skull inside. Now all I need is a sinister crow. Hobby Lobby didn't have crows because they don't think Halloween should be scary. My original plan was to put the coyote skull on a large wreath. I wanted to make a wreath from a wire form and tulle. Hobby Lobby didn't have wire wreath forms which tripped me out. They were selling autumn wreaths for $225. I thought that was fucking stupid. The wreaths were pretty, but there wasn't $40 worth of stuff on them. I went next door to Party City but they had just started putting out Halloween decorations so I really didn't have anything to choose from. I'll check back next week. Party City had a package of mice, skeletons, bugs, and bats. That looked really promising. I could do a lot with plastic bugs and mice. Party City also had black angel wings which I want badly. If I get them I have to fulfill one of Will's sexual fantasies.
While in Hobby Lobby, I got ornaments for a future project and half-pint canning jars because I want to try oven canning my herbs. Both were also 50% off. I'll say this, when Hobby Lobby has a sale, they have a good one. Hopefully this weekend, in between home improvements and gardening, I can work with herbs. That would be a lovely, fragrant harvest.


Anonymous said...

I hope your worm farm is successful this time. Sounds like a good start to me. I wish we had them here, but hoardes of hermit crabs do the job that worms do up north. That bird cage is darling, and the coyote skull beautiful. Those black wings sound sexy indeed. I think you need them.

FreeDragon said...

Well, it's official then, I have to go buy black wings :D