Friday, August 30, 2013

A Gathering of Animals

Last night I dreamed I was riding in a car with a friend and we were going to my job to meet another friend. When we arrived I discovered I didn't have to work so we all went to the movies. On the way, I saw a chubby little raccoon. Then we saw a huge black bear.

I've been seeing lots of animals. Will and I were texting each other about children we may have and almost immediately after I saw what must have been the biggest jackrabbit in Alabama.

I've also seen herons, armadillos, and quite a few cats. Today I went to a park to eat my lunch. I saw the usual ducks, turtles, and fish, AND I THINK I saw an alligator. Holy fuck, a gator right near the main section of The Cow College on the Plains. Maybe I was wrong, but oh my, what if I really did see an alligator?

What's most unusual is what I haven't seen. No crows. Usually I see crows everywhere but this week they've been noticeably absent. And here it is nearing the worst month for snakes (September is when snakes begin crawling about looking for winter dens, June is snake mating season) and I've only seen one all summer, the baby ring neck I posted about at the beginning of August.

If I was going to start a totem journal, this would be a great first entry.

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