Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some Music

It's not patriotic music, but it is most certainly American music. I am sure this song is based on a real, true story because it is the sort of thing I used to see in my childhood all the time. I just can remember South Star Grocery Store having stacked crates of empty Coke bottles in the back corner. Every small town had an old drunk and all the mothers, especially mine, used to urge their children to walk faster, don't look. And it wasn't unusual for kids to roam freely all over the country side unattended. It was a very different time. I played in the woods all day during the summer. Unless I wandered in for a snack, I didn't see my parents until dark. Nobody knew where I was and nobody cared. Today's kids play indoors with electronics and if they do go outside, the small yard is fenced and the mother hoovers at the door.

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