Friday, July 26, 2013


Out of town of the weekend. I arranged for a part-time jailer for the fur babies. He is going to make sure they have water and food. I do feel sorry for him if he has to catch one and put her back in the pen. I really need to clean the pen and fix a gap in the fence, but I don't think that's going to happen because details concerning the trip are rapidly piling up. I'm doing laundry but haven't packed. I was going to do some cooking, but clearly I won't have time and I'm worried about meat spoiling in the fridge. Which reminded me that I should empty the trash. Which reminded me to clean out the truck. Which reminded me to put Will's son's shoes in the truck so I can return them. Then I thought about all the things that it would be good do before I leave, like sprinkling salt on the floor to kill fleas. The salt has to stay 24 hours but I don't like crunching around on it. Since no one will be in the house, this is an ideal time to throw salt everywhere. But really, I should bathe the dogs when I come home. Am I going to feel like bathing three excited Labs when I am exhausted from traveling?

All these details zip around my brain repeatedly. I have no idea where to begin. Adding to the chaos, I thought the house painting would start this weekend because my landlord put several gallons of paint in my storage room. I started moving plants and taking down decorations. When I got too hot, I went inside and called my landlord to find out exactly what was going to be done this weekend. He told me Dewayne would start work next weekend. I was relieved because I have too much going on. Maybe sometime next week I can do some of those house magick posts.

And then, there's that Pagan holiday which symbolizes the very beginning of autumn coming up in a few short days. Since everything is in limbo here, I might start decorating. Usually I put up Halloween decoration during the last weekend of September. What I would like to do is start off with a harvest theme, lots of pumpkins and leaves, then as the days turn cooler slowly add creepier decorations. First one crow then five, then a skull, suddenly a full skeleton. I love fall.

Probably this fall is going to look like a huge mess. The yard needs mowing again, the house is getting painted, I have plants that need repotting...when am I going to find the time to hang cobwebs and buy eerie crows?

Right now, every time I think I have worked out a plan for getting ready, I realize it won't work because I still have to go to my job. Due to how early I have to get up Saturday, I may not sleep when I come home. I'm not sure if I'll get up. I don't really want to go that long without sleep and napping in the car makes me carsick, but jeez. I feel like I'm rambling. I know I am. The plan was to post a short list of my trip, the house, and holiday while promising pictures and here we are, five paragraphs later. I'm just going to stop now so I can make a checklist of items to pack.

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