Friday, July 26, 2013

Leave the Fur Babies Home Alone

Will was supposed to take me to the movies this weekend, but he forgot he had promised to help a friend who lives out of town. He asked me to go with him to Ft. Rucker. This is why I love being with the man; any other guy would have went without me. Will wants me to share his life. Even the boring parts. Of course, when we're together, I am never bored.

We're leaving Saturday and coming back Sunday. I was psyched about a weekend road trip. Then I remembered I have three Labradors.


If it can be chewed up, my dogs will be biters. If it is escape proof, at least one of my dogs will get out. If it is idiot proof, probably all of them will make something like this happen:

But the main thing I have been worried about is food because Labs are ALWAYS hungry. I mean, even if you fed them to the point that their bellies drag the ground, if you rattle the food dish they will come a-waddling. And do you know what hungry Labs do? They escape from puppy jail the dog pen in search of food. I can just picture leaving three lazy dogs lolling about in the sunshine and coming home to this:
Or this:
And I know I'll get this:
Whatever happens, I'm sure it will make a good blog post.

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