Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ft. Rucker Lemon Lot and Lowe Heliport

Every base has a lot where soldiers sell autos they can't take with them when they are deployed elsewhere. Or, I'm told every base has this lot. It's called the Lemon Lot and prior to visiting Ft. Rucker, I had never heard of it. There's more than just cars for sell, we also saw RV's, boats, and motorcycles. Will's mother wanted us to see this:
And as if one classic Thunderbird wasn't cool enough, parked right next to it was a black Thunderbird:

After we admired cars we couldn't afford, we headed over to the air field where Will's father works. Bill is an airplane mechanic just like Will. When Will started training, Bill realized the potential to earn good money and he jumped into his new career despite being nearly 60. Bill is 62 now and is a civilian working on the Ft. Rucker base.

We weren't allowed past the gate. Bill works in the buildings in the background.
We got to see one of these big birds take off and if I hadn't been so amazed I could have taken a photograph or two.
I took a picture of the sign from the truck. You can see the buildings a little better here. Will told me for every hour a plane is in the air, it needs 1 to 3 hours of maintenance. Planes do not flight across the country then turn around and immediately fly back. Everything is carefully checked in a particular order and the mechanic has to sign off on each item.

Next batch of pics- the museum.

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