Monday, July 29, 2013

First Set of Ft. Rucker Trip Pics

Before I start the post- yes, this is a church. Yes, I am a Witch. No, there isn't anything wrong with me, nor I have converted. I just thought it was really pretty.
I saw this church on the way down and said, "Wow, that is gorgeous." It prompted a conversation about art. A little while after we passed the church, we passed a driveway lined with calla lilies. They were stunning. At that point, I realized we had seen all sorts of cool things and neither of us had taken a single picture. I made Will promise to stop at the church on the way home so I could get a few photos. This church had stained glass windows all the way around the building. Most churches just have stained glass in the sanctuary. This entire building was pretty, even the mundane kitchen and Sunday school rooms.
The light was not in my favor. The glass was beautiful shades of blue with occasional red or gold accents. It was difficult to photograph because it was so reflective and that's why you can see my truck's reflection in the lower right corner. There was some cool little black, sort of Gothic designs and that's what I was trying to capture but my phone just isn't advanced enough for that kind of detail.
The church is in Headland, AL and it is very large. The building had several wings, a good sized parking lot, a playground, and a large cemetery. I didn't notice a date and I didn't pay much attention to the name either. Will noticed it was a Baptist church.
We were the only ones there on late Sunday afternoon.
I love how the blues contrast with the red brick.
See? Everything was pleasing to look at. This church also had a small garden but I didn't photograph it because the children were whining about being hungry.
This was taken from the truck as we were leaving. If the boys had been a little more patient, I might have taken the time to read the historical marker.

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