Monday, July 8, 2013

Crack, Boom, Bam

Things are breaking all around me.

I broke one of my favorite rings. It was cheap, but pretty. Just a bit of smooth green glass that I charmed into a love spell over a decade ago. The relationship didn't work out, but I still loved the ring. I'd taken to wearing it since I can't get my garnet ring back from Kevin. Yesterday as I took the dogs out, my ring caught on the screen door latch. The dogs surged out on their leashes and snap! My ring broke. The band just snapped apart. I was just thinking of respelling it. Obviously, I shouldn't do any love spells.

The coffee cup was next. I love my dishes. I am using the set my mother used when I was a very small child. I was at the sink, and I swear it was the most freakish thing possible, as I turned off the water, the cup seemed to jump off the drain board of its own accord and the handle broke off.

The third thing to break was my stick. I finally settled on a project- I saw this thing on Pinterest (dangerous words!) where they hung Christmas ornaments on a thick branch. The ornaments had been painted with nail polish to make them more durable for the outdoors. I thought it could be very witchy and I had just the right stick- a stout, dried vine that twisted on itself like rope. I think the vine is Virginia Creeper but I could be wrong. It came from my parents' property. The stick has been hanging on my porch for years. I have never done anything other than admire it. I retrieved it from the porch and found white mold. I noticed it was very brittle. As I was cleaning, I wondered if my stick was suitable for the job. Suddenly I realized it was much lighter. Half my stick was in my hand and other half was laying on the porch.

I know what it means when everything breaks. Change is coming. The old is giving way to the new. Room has to be made. Space has to be cleared. Patterns have to shift. The old way isn't working so let it go.

I threw the pretty green ring away. It's not worth saving, I paid $4 for it. The coffee cup I glued back together because I love the pattern so much I don't want to part with any of the dishes, even if the cup is now unusable. I put both pieces of the stick in my fire pit. It's just a dried vine and I know where more is growing. I got another stick that was less brittle for my project. That's three broken things and that should be it but if not I'm cool because I know things are about to get interesting.

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