Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Touching Sadness

Today has been a sad day. Not that anything horrible has happened. Maybe my emotions are hyper-charged. Perhaps the moon holds too much sway over me. Everything I have encountered today seems profoundly, deeply, maddeningly sad.

My day started with a low sugar and that is probably the key to this mess, but anyway, let's move on. I've been giving thought to my relationship status on Facebook. I left it blank at first because I just ended a relationship and I'm not looking to start another any time soon. I Am Tired. I mean really, how many times do I have to start over? I don't really want to start again unless I'm sure it will work out and how does anyone know that at the beginning? If you knew, you wouldn't go through all the junk, but then you wouldn't be formed into a strong, wise soul.

I was thinking my status should be something off the wall like 'charmed by a Southern gent' or 'enchanted' or maybe even 'spellbound.' Then I wondered if I could even put something like that down or am I stuck with the boring, mundane 'single', 'married', or 'it's complicated'? And if I can say I am charmed, is the charmer in question going to see it? What would he think? I tried to picture how that would go and I realized probably nothing good would come of it and that made me weep.

I decided not to change my status.

The blogging world is filled with sad things today. The Deepest Well has a beautiful, touching, but (sigh) sad post about love notes and tears welled up as I read it. Hecatedemeter has written Chapter 20 of A Place Without a Witch and following the links, I was surprised to discover that Alabama Power buys coal from the company destroying mountains. I didn't think anything would come up when I entered my zip code but no, my power company was at the top of the list even though I am hundreds of miles away of the wasteland. I like surfing the 'Net, but I would gladly give it up if it meant mountains and the life they support could be free. I was going to say people, but the coal mining company is steadily destroying the plants, the animals, AND the people. The site made me want to kill my main power switch and be a hermit. I won't lie, I started to cry. I even cried a bit when I read Silver's blog post about finding family by, literally, accident. All I could think about was the shock and confusion everyone must have felt. It made me think of my own family and maybe it would be better if I just got off the Internet for the rest of the weekend.

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