Sunday, June 9, 2013


I started my own Facebook account this weekend. Let me start by saying I hate Facebook. And as I tried to set things up, I hated it even more because it doesn't seem to be user friendly. And OMG, sloooow. So, so, so freakin' slow. I thought there was something wrong with my computer at first, but no, Facebook just isn't in any hurry to load anything.

The reason why I did it is because most of my family has Facebook and they all wanted me on it. Kurt already had a page, so I used his. I never got on Facebook unless he told me I had a message. I really didn't get why it was a big deal. Mostly Facebook looked trivial to me.

Now that Kurt has moved out, I had no way to stay in contact with my family. Grudgingly, I decided it must be done. I need Facebook. It's like a phone- I don't like phones either, but it is a necessary evil in the modern world.

I barely got started when people I haven't thought of in 20 years started appearing on my screen. Finally I got it- Facebook is only good if it relates to you. Sharing another person's account is not the same.

I found my gay cousin. I can hear in my head his high-pitched voice bordering on nervous break-down as I read his posts. He hasn't changed a bit. My friend from my high school drama club got a little heavier, but otherwise is the same. My ex has a daughter. The dorky guy grew a beard and now looks cool.

I do have a new pet peeve- people who use their children's pictures as profile pictures. I have no damn idea who these kids are. I've been going over and over pictures in a Jason's album and I can't tell if it's the same Jason I know or not because there is nothing but that five year old kid.

I started searching for all my relatives Kurt was friends with. I can't find my uncle. I searched for him, then went on Kurt's friend's list, and Uncle Joe is not there or anywhere. I don't know if he cancelled or what. I don't know if he made some big announcement before bowing out. Why didn't Kurt tell me? What else do I not know? I haven't gotten an email from Joe in quite some time and I don't remember the last time Dad said my aunt called, so now I am starting to worry. It's probably nothing, but it makes me wonder.

I decided to keep my beliefs off Facebook. No Witchy stuff. I can get my Witch fix on Pinterest. I probably won't post anything deeply personal. I want people I know to be able to find me, but not be in my business. I think most Facebook users have that backwards. Which leads me to this: if you already know my real name, feel free to friend me. If you don't, we're not friends.

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog all of the time but don't know your name~ :(
Mine is Angela Barnett DiBiase if you'd like to friend me on FB~ I don't post much except menus and the daily minutia of my life.
Have a great week-end!

*PS- I am from Alabama and have fam in your area~ I always understand your football references~ bleh! Not a football fan!