Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Price of Love

Kurt's son is having a birthday this month. He has been asking for a guitar for ages. Last weekend Kurt and I went to our local book/music/video store because they buy used books. I traded in two hard backs for store credit, then applied the credit toward a dvd about how to play guitar, lots and lots of picks, and a pick holder. Kurt found a very nice acoustic with strings, strap, cd, and more picks. The guitar was $119. Kurt called his mother, she agreed to go half. Kurt decided to buy the guitar this Friday when he got paid.

Yesterday, Kurt emailed me an Amazon link for a student sized guitar priced at $18 plus $16 for shipping. Which confused me because he just picked out a really nice, full-sized guitar.

It seems Grandma couldn't afford to buy anything on Friday because she's broke. She knew she was broke when she eagerly offered to go in with Kurt on the guitar. Now mind you, Kurt didn't need his mother to pay anything. He could have bought it Sunday. But since his son really, really, really wants a guitar, Kurt thought it would be more meaningful if it was a family gift and not just a Dad gift. Kurt wanted his son to know that we all, Kurt, me, and Grandma, all believe in and support our budding musician. That's why I got all the stuff to go with the guitar. All that was needed was music lessons and we thought Kurt's sister could handle that.

Grandma wants to show out. She's not thinking about Austin or what he wants. She's thinking about how long he's been asking for a guitar and how cool she will be if she saves the day by being the ONLY ONE who produces the. best. birthday. gift. EVER.

It's all fine and good to want to save the day but I don't think you should go behind your son's back to do it. Kurt told me they argued all day about the guitar. He said she sent him the link and said not to worry about buying anything because she was about to make an order. Kurt realized she was going to buy the guitar and only put her name on it so it looked like it was all her idea. That would mean Grandma is cool and Dad didn't buy Austin anything and that hurt Kurt's feelings. So now he has to hurry up and buy a guitar before anyone else does.

Sometimes I just can't believe adults behave this way. I can't believe this family's mindset of needing to 'buy' affection, and I especially have a difficult time trying to understand doing it when there is no money. Where is the logic in not being able to eat for a week but hey! I purchased some cool shit! What? I'm dreading the party now. I'm sure I'll get the evil eye all afternoon.

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