Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stitch Round

On Saturday, the first day of the full moon, I finally, finally, finally got started. But I wasn't off to a good start. To begin with, my holes don't line up. I'm talking about nearly square holes in round rings, each ring getting smaller as it circles the center, and you can see in the pic- these holes aren't aligned. To solve the problem I made stitches side by side rather than cross over as is common in plastic canvas. That gave me a second problem- plastic showing between lines of stitches. Sigh.
I went back between the rows and filled them with diagonal stitches. Being that my holes don't line up evenly ring to ring, I had a few gaps, some funky places, odd placements, and a lot of cussing. I can swear in four languages and I nearly exhausted my vocabulary.

But after I got the hang of it, I thought things were going smoothly. I started with nine stitches. Nice Goddess number. I did three rows. You know, three times three equals nine. Then I did two rows of eight and that worked. But then I got to seven. Damn. Seven is prime. I had to put my work down. I was stumped. I picked up my new Steampunk Tarot deck. I found a lovely wheel with slow, curving arcs. Hmm. Seven rows of seven stitches? It worked. My design is spiraling like it should. I've decided to use the new tarot deck for sewing projects. I've always thought Tarot should be accessible. It's a tool, not a mystery or an enigma. Tarot should give answers, or at least make me think. It should fit in with the modern world and it should work for the reader and that's why I have several decks. I have a deck for magickal questions, a deck for love interests, a deck for totems, a deck for me personally, and I now have a deck for creative pursuits.I might need more. Tarot is a big place but it is limited by the medium in which it is presented. I don't like the traditional Waite-Ryder deck. I know most decks are based on it and it's an excellent way to learn to read, but the cards don't speak to me. I can't read with ordinary playing cards either, nor can I read Runes (though they are useful in spells). I need color, pictures, symbols, signs, art, and a story being told before I can relate and see how that story applies to me.

Lately, I've been feeling the desire to create. I dreamed about hand made books and now I want to make some, though I don't know what purpose they would serve. I'm feeling pushed to create something big. This may be something from the other side. Really, I don't need to start anything else, especially nothing big. I'm also being nudged to continue on with healing the past. It suddenly occurred to me that when all the original parties pass over, if none of the children and grandchildren know what the fuss was about and therefore didn't know we were supposed to hate each other, then some of us might be friends and the past wouldn't matter anymore. It was...I don't even know how to describe it. Something beyond my understanding that had shaped my life would be over. Possibly even gone like it never was. For the first and only time, I felt like I was getting somewhere in dealing with my family.

Some other things going on:
1. The 8 point garden has been built. I have started planting. Pictures soon, I promise.
2. My dogs dragged me out of the dog pen yesterday because there were coyotes over the hill and stray dogs in the yard. I skinned my arm and hand on the gate trying to wrestle overly excited labs into the house. Tonight I had the same problem but I was able to get my dogs in the house without blood shed. I fired my shotgun in the air to scare the strays and I've been sitting here wondering if my neighbors called the cops on me. I guess not as no one has knocked on my door.
3. I am slowly reading a book on Witchcraft a few pages at a time. I really like the book. I would like to sit down and devour it, I just don't have enough time. This is also why I never seem to finish a sewing project. Where the hell does my time go?
4. I can't flirt like I used to. Now I giggle helplessly. Cool Witch I am not.
5. I realized I have become my grandmother. Normal people become their mother. I jumped a whole generation. Where did my time go?
6. I think I need to start on my Kitchen Witch posts before it becomes November. I've been on break long enough since finishing up October's posts. But I am still finding cool pictures like this:

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