Friday, May 24, 2013

Still No Stitches

Not one single stitch has been applied to my round design. I have settled on pattern, color, stitch type, magickal correspondences, and item use (meaning it will go into one of my cauldrons when complete). So was it worth it to go to Hobby Lobby a week ago? Yes. Because if I hadn't, I would still be obsessing over it and feeling depressed that I never get to start the projects I really want to do. The fact that I still haven't started is irrelevant. I could start. I'm ready. If I didn't have everything, I wouldn't be ready. Anyway, Saturday is the full moon so that might be the ideal time to begin. The unstitched plastic canvas looks like a big moon.

I'm still getting bogged down by details. I've been waking up early with low sugars then wanting to sleep after I eat. When I get up to start my day, I feel drained. Stupid diabetes.

Yesterday I did tarot work. I sat with my new Steampunk deck, smudged the cards, and wrote impressions in my notebook. This new deck won't fit in my case with my other decks. I keep running out of tarot storage. Eventually I will have a whole freakin' cabinet filled with cards. And I will love them.

The yard is demanding my attention. I have tiny tomatoes. Of the sunflowers seeds which the squirrels dug up, one sprouted. I've decided to go on and plant the pumpkins. Instead of a three sisters garden, I'll have a pumpkin patch guarded by a lone sunflower. If the critters don't eat my pumpkin seeds. And Kurt put together my 8 point star garden. He built the frame and filled it with dirt. I need to add a little topsoil, then I can start planting. He raided my fabric closet looking for some dense material to block weeds. The closet is now a mess and I need to reorganize it.

Then, as if I didn't have enough to do, Sunday I have to bake a cake, go to a birthday party, and bring home a boy who will probably demand our undivided attention until Monday. There's also a fishing trip somewhere in this weekend chaos. Maybe I can sew while Kurt and Austin fish and the dogs run amok around the pond.

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