Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skid Slide Into Chaos

Things were going pretty good at the beginning of the week. I had warnings of chaos to come. I tried to side-step it by staying on top of everything, but what usually happens with chaos is you don't see the mess until it is already surrounding you and when you try to scramble back you just slide deeper into the mess. Yesterday when I went in to work, I found out I have to work Saturday (damn! just when the weather turned nice!) AND THEN I will be on 9 hour shifts all next week. I felt tired just reading the notice. My line has made over production all week so I am certain Saturday I will be working on another line and I don't think that's fair. There is no reason to punish me just because the rest of the plant can't get their shit together. And the extra hour shouldn't matter much, but it does. It matters in a horrible way because it throws everything off. I'm getting home later, going to bed later, wanting to sleep longer but can't because I still have to go in at the regular time. I'll end up feeling weary and over-burdened.

While I was bumming out on my personal problems, I read a post about someone in danger of losing their home. I immediately felt sorry for her and as a large-breed dog owner myself, I know the difficultly of finding a good home for animals. Most rentals don't allow animals and if they do, they prefer something small like a cat. There's usually a limit to how many dogs you can have and if you want the big fenced in yard so your fur baby can have a safe place to play you are going to pay major $$$. I was so happy when I moved to Tallapoosa County because after months of searching, I finally found a real house with a yard AND I could keep my precious Labs. Remembering how happy I was to find an ideal home for us, I cast a spell for my Internet friend. Everyone needs a safe, secure, happy home.

Don't let chaos get you down.

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Anonymous said...

Chaos will plague you throughout life~ it's always something and I am older than you so believe me! So nice of you to help your internet friend~ when we thing we have it bad, we can always learn of someone with more urgent problems. Praying / chanting/ casting spells for them alleviates what seems to grim in our own lives.
I love reading your blog!!