Friday, May 17, 2013

Hard to Love Friday When You're Working Saturday

I am done with all my October posts. I'm taking a little break before starting on November. I think I will be working on November for a long while because it will be all about Kitchen Witchery and I never have photographed my cooking.

I ordered some books last night. I shop for books more carefully than some people search for apartments. I really love the 'look-inside' feature on Amazon and that is how I settled on my choices- I looked inside, got hooked on the page I was reading, and was really annoyed when the preview didn't give me the next page. I settled on a Witchcraft book because the section I was reading talked about hedges- why they were used, how they both protected and bound villages, why it was necessary to go outside them...and oh my, I never considered hedges like that before.

My other purchase was a steampunk tarot deck and book. At first, I didn't like steampunk. I didn't get it, seemed like a bunch of ugly, pointless gears. Then Urban Threads, the embroidery site I idolize and love, starting releasing steampunk designs and I realized the style made the boring Victorian era cool and hip. The cards in the deck do not exactly draw me, what held my attention was accompanying book. The book asks the reader to change perspective. It also gives several spreads based on the view point of the characters in the cards- the Empress has her own spread. I really like this idea. It reminds me of the mediation beginners are asked to do when first acquiring a deck- to step into each card and meet the subject featured. I did this mediation with my dragon tarot deck and the card that had the biggest impact on me was the High Priestess. She was so much of an impact I call Her My Old Friend and I am always thrilled to see Her in a reading. I was looking at this steampunk deck and getting excited like when I got my dragon deck and that's why I had to have it. Now I have to wait impatiently by the mailbox. Sigh.

I planted my garden. Squirrels have dug up some of the seeds. Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it to cultivate anything.

I am trying to sew. I need to sew. Sewing keeps my nerves from spinning on edge. I don't get much time to sew and I am starting to snap off heads when people foolishly interrupt me. I am about 70% done with my Spring sign which is fitting since spring is nearly over. The grass is done, I started filling in the background, and all that is left is the flowers. I haven't done much with the Yule card because the floss I chose keeps breaking. I guess it's just too old. Everybody loves DMC floss but I don't see how it is much better than the cheap brand I buy. It certainly tangles up like el cheapo crap. If Kurt's mother hadn't given me all her floss, I wouldn't be using DMC at all. I usually choose threads based on color, not brand. But if you want me to recommend a brand to try, I really like Sullivan's. I got a free sample with one of my cross stitch magazines and it stitched like a smooth dream. I love it. If I buy more floss, I'll probably look for Sullivan's but color will still be the basis of my final decision.

Tomorrow, even if it kills me, I'm going to Hobby Lobby before work so I can start the project I've been dying to work on. I need something to look forward to on Sunday. I can't do all this overtime without a little reward mixed in.

My spell is working, my Internet friend has decided to build a house. Yay! Happiness!

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