Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It just amazes me how people lose track of dates in our modern world. There are clocks and calendars everywhere. When I check my cell phone for the time, by default I also see the day of the week and the date. At work, both time and date are on our time clock. We fill out paperwork by date. We have small calendars hanging around the line and we study them carefully, judging distance to our weekends off. And yet, somehow, not one but TWO of my co-workers did not know this coming Monday is Memorial Day and our plant will be closed. Meaning we have a three day weekend. Which is why we've been doing all this stupid over-time this week. Ancient people with no clocks kept better time by studying the sun, moon, and stars. The ancients probably weren't apathetic.

Last night the overtime got me down. I went straight to bed as soon as I came home. No shower, no computer, no sewing. Just bed. And then I couldn't sleep because I didn't wind down. I will be so glad when this week is over.

My book and tarot cards arrived today delivered by my cheerfully pleasant mail lady. She defies the going postal stereotype and seems eager to bring my packages, almost like she gets as much joy in delivering as I get from opening them.

I still haven't sewn a stitch on my round design. Each day, something keeps me tied up. I did smudge it with incense. It has been residing on my altar. When I see the safety pins dangling I think of dream catchers and tambourines. Maybe I should use sound as a magickal tool when I'm sewing.

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