Monday, April 22, 2013

The Kitchen Witch Keeps House Part 2

Sorry I kept you waiting for nearly a week. A lot of mundane stuff piled up here and we had more trouble with Lobo. This time it was bad gas. But the truck is running good now and I hope to hell we have fixed all the problems because I am really tired of taking Kurt to work at 5am.

In the last post, I didn't do any magick. All I did was clean the physical space. Most people have the misconception that magick is glamorous. Well, it is, BUT a lot of boring stuff goes into it. I spend more time planning, checking calendars, and gathering supplies than actually casting spells. And in this post I STILL don't get to the magick. Ok, a little magick. Not much. But I did get to the fun part:
I'm making a variation of a Witch's Ladder. I have lots of feathers, keys, two bottles, a spider web charm, and beads. These are all things I already had in my house. I did not purchase anything for this spell.
The first thing I hung up was my Goddess. She loves to spin and I had to hold her still for the picture. All the items are tied to a tension curtain rod inside the window. I could have used the curtain rod above the window and actually, I thought it would be part of my spell. Turns out I didn't use it.
The spider web was next. I was working with the idea of balance- large round thing on left side means I need a large round thing on the right.
Next I hung bottles. This is to capture negative energy from outside forces...
and this captures negative energy I create. We can't always be in a good mood. Once a month, probably on the dark moon, I will smudge these bottles with incense to remove the trapped negative energy.
Now for the keys. I love old keys. Long ago I had another project in mind which didn't pan out. That's why some of my keys have peeling paint. I used these keys in a theft protection spell. You need one key for each door and window in your home. Touch the key to the door or window and say a chant. This was originally a Scott Cunningham spell, but I forgot his words, so I changed the words to suit me: Lock out thieves in the dark. Lock out thieves in the light. Lock out thieves out of sight. Lock out all thieves. I have used the spell several times. The first time I did it, I had a key for all the interior doors. This time I ignored bedroom doors, focusing on exterior doors and windows. I had one key left over so I touched that key to my altar while chanting and used it as a bind for the whole house.
Stringing keys and beads. If you are more patient and math inclined, you can space it all evenly and add in knot magick. I kept mine random. All spells operate on some kind of rhythm or pattern. Simple patterns are easy spells to break. A good spell either has a complex pattern, several patterns, or it is too random to be guessed. I mention this because sometimes you must break a spell. I doubt I'll ever want thieves coming in, but I may want to redo the spell to incorporate new energies.
Strung up and hung in the center.
It was impossible to get the whole thing in one shot.
Now for the feathers. I made sure the first feather I hung was red for vitality.
Another impossible to get in one shot photograph.
I spent 45 minutes doing this. Probably it wouldn't have taken nearly as long if I hadn't taken all these pictures.
Done. Sort of. I still haven't done a spell where I declare what the items are for. I'm debating how much to tell. It's a fine line between wanting to share magick, to teach others how to do spells and not wanting anyone to work against me. I think I'll just say after everything is in place, you will need to empower the items. You don't have to do everything at once. After I did this, I took a shower and ate lunch. I may wait until tomorrow to raise energy.
In the end, I decided to keep the binds. It's not very noticeable with the binds open and when they're closed you can't see anything. I'm not worried about people on the outside seeing what's in the window. I have discovered people rarely see magick. I mean I have done some really obvious things and no one said a word. I think people just block out anything that doesn't fit into how they believe the world should be.

I have one last post. This is something no one ever thinks of. It does no good to do all this work on the inside unless you do something outside. So until next time...

Oh! I almost forgot. The fugly love seat. My mother bought it new in 1988. Charlene had her puppies on it. I washed the seat cover and it came brilliantly clean. However, the rest of the love seat was still very dirty. I can't put any other part of it in the washing machine. I tried hard to ignore the fact that the seat was a different color. No kidding. It was that dirty. Now, to me, it appears to not match. It is also uncomfortable to sit on and is far too short for taking naps. Kurt and I decided to buy a futon. Big enough for both of us and a dog or two to sit on, and it can be a bed when Kurt's children visit. We are waiting for a big pay check so we can make this purchase. Each day will be waving my wand over the love seat and visualising a new futon in its place. Transformation magick :)

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