Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keeping the Yard Now Part 3

In Part 1 I cleaned and gave you some useless facts about ants. In Part 2 I did the artsy, cool stuff with a touch of magick thrown in. And in Part 3...
I go outside. This is the very window with all my pretty feathers, keys, and such. You can't see a thing. I just took a picture, I didn't try to get any certain angle. I wanted to convey what would be noticed if anyone strolled through my front yard and the answer is nothing. Kurt was home for a good twenty minutes before he noticed. I don't think he realized at first it was a spell. I'm telling you, nobody ever sees magick.

But people often do it wrong and that bugs me. Please, for the Love of the Goddess, if you start the process of magickal works, see it all the way through!

I cleaned the window. I arranged all the items. Then I smudged. And I didn't empower because I had to wash the outside of the window. I understand, it's not always possible to work with the outside of your home, especially if you live in an apartment building. But I have a house and I can include the yard in house spells. I strive to get the complete picture. To me, not making the yard part of the home is like doing spells to improve your sociability then sitting around your house unshowered wearing dirty clothes. And I really do believe that even if you live on the 10th floor of your building that you should protect your city when you protect your home. The apartment is in the city. How are you going to feel if you are safe when all your neighbors get into the elevator with the worn cable? What about a flood that washes down your street during rush hour? Or a giant sinkhole suddenly opens in the alley behind your building? How about a fire in the lobby and smoke inhalation kills the residents via the air conditioning vents? Are you still going to think you're a powerful witch?

The people who live around you have just as much right to reside in that place as you do. They have homes and families and jobs and lives just like you. So you cannot be so selfish as to protect yourself and not give a thought to the living beings around you. Notice I didn't say people. There are almost always plants and animals living wherever humans live.

These are my snap dragons. I purchased all dark crimson flowers, then the funky pink-orange snaps bloomed. I talk to all my plants. The funky ones don't see a problem with their color, so I left them alone. Part of my spell involves pulling weeds. I am going to tell you the absolute truth: You will never pull up all the weeds. Ever. So don't try, you'll just get frustrated. Pull up the really offensive ones. Even if you somehow manage to get all the weeds, in a day or two there will be more. That's a good thing, it means you have healthy soil. Sometimes, letting weeds grow surprises you.
I don't know what plant this is, but I like it. I think it loves the water that drips from the hose. I could have pulled it up, because weeds are unwanted or unintended plants, BUT I see this delicate little plant is providing ground cover. I pulled up the grass instead, cut away dead snap dragon stalks, then sowed more snap dragon seeds in the bare spot. We are all happy now, and the path to my spell is clear.

Each day I go for walks. Sometimes I find an agreeable spot, ground, center, and connect with the land. Most of the time, the land wants to connect with me. It wants someone to listen and be aware. In this way, I learn what my part of the world needs. Often, I learn what I need too. A good Witch always wants balance in all things.

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