Tuesday, April 30, 2013

F--k Me Running

My tag expires in April. I mailed in my payment. I got the decal. I didn't think anymore about it until yesterday when one of my co-workers was complaining about how hard it was to get her tag. I thought, did I put that 14 decal on my truck? Well, no, I didn't. And worse, I threw it away.


I checked the mail on the way to work. Got the renewed tag stuff out, tossed it in the glove box, then when I cleaned out the truck I. Threw. Away. EVERY. Single. Envelope. because I thought all of them contained old paycheck stubs.

I got up really early this morning thinking I could just run into the courthouse, tell them I was an idiot, and run back out. I stood in line 34 minutes and that's not counting how long I stood in front of the window signing my name and filling out forms. There were just two women working the tag renewal windows and the line stretched all the way down the hall when I arrived. A man ahead of me said this was his second day in line and yesterday he stood in the same spot for two hours before giving up. The poor guy was renewing tags for four different cars and I hope his wife cooked him a great supper or gave him excellent sex or something because standing in the Tallapoosa County courthouse is an ordeal. Not as bad as Lee County because Tallapoosa people are nice and Lee County people are uppity and rude, but still. I wish I hadn't been an idiot on a cleaning spree. The replacement decal cost me $2 which I cheerfully paid because I thought I'd have to pay the tag again. The lady who waited on me asked four people what to do and I really felt bad for bothering her. I'm glad I didn't have anything complex. I put the decal on before I left my parking spot and I promise I won't be so stupid next April.


A man is showing interest in me. Whenever a new man shows up I read my tarot cards. Every single time, and I mean EVERY TIME, the cards indicate the man has problems or baggage and somehow, he thinks I will make it all better. Just once I'd like the cards to indicate man with a kind soul has all his shit together and he just thinks I'm cute. Gentlemen, please stop thinking I am your angel. I'm getting tired of bailing guys out of messes.


If you email me with questions, I will probably answer. Witchcraft is a big confusing place and everybody sees it just a bit differently. All I ask of you is to use the damn spell check. You are hurting my English major soul.

This is needlework. It's bargello. I love bargello. This one just happens to be in the shape of a horse which I also love. Years ago I had a little project called Pony Expressionalism. I made a series of sketches intending to one day to a horse quilt. Since my circular needlework isn't panning out, I may try bargello horses. Or I might just stare at the pretty designs and sigh. At any rate, life is running along full throttle while I barely keep up.

Let's go!

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