Monday, March 11, 2013

The Wild Hog Post Is Coming

Sunday, while at my parents' house, I took pictures of the hog tusks. My father killed a wild hog when I was a little girl. I don't think I was old enough to go to school, or if I was, I had just started. I also took pictures of the original pictures from 1980-whatever. Those pictures are faded and turning ugly shades of red. You may not be able to see what's what. I won't know until I actually write the post. They looked alright on my phone, so maybe it will work. The pictures I took of the tusks turned out great and of course, I'll have the awesome story.

I hate Day Light Saving Time. It does nothing but screw up my sugar levels. I cannot think of a single reason to do it, nor can I think of any other country on the face of this earth that does it. Why are we getting up earlier? Why? WHY? To enjoy the sunlight? Please, how many people actually go outside and do anything? That's why there's so many fat Americans- we're glued to the tv. And honestly, the first year Day Light Saving was officially in effect it was so unpopular the whole country stopped doing it. Then Congress decided to force everyone into it anyway, so please, don't vote for morons in the next election. They have screwed up my sugar quite enough, thank you.

Speaking of morons, my father told me a school district is requiring all teachers to carry guns. I haven't researched this, so I can't say which school or where, but I will say it is a very bad idea and it makes much more sense to do away with the firearms and to limit who can access them. Arming all makes everybody prone to violence. I used to be a teacher- children and guns do not mix. They are not any safer with a gun in the classroom or with an armed cop on campus. I suspect one day there will be no more public schools. Classrooms will be virtual and lessons will be given via the Internet. Colleges already offer online classes. It will just be a matter of time before K through 12 follows suit. Teachers won't have to worry about behavior issues. Schools won't need to pay for electricity, water, food, desks, and books. Learning will become more structured to individuals, and students will learn at their own pace. Parents will know their children are 'safe.' Parents will probably have to become more involved with their children's education, but I think that would be a great thing. I know a lot of people who have no clue who their kids' teachers are, what classes they take, what grades they earn, or even how long the kids get for lunch. Which, btw, is often 20 minutes. Far too short if you ask me.

Amazon is getting on my nerves because when I search for books they only show me what they think I should read. Amazon, I would like to know what all you've got, not just what you think I should see. In order to see the entire selection, I have to search without logging in. But when I find something I want, I have to log in to add it to my wish list and suddenly I only get 'recommendations.' I. Want. To. See. ALL. The. Fucking. Cookbooks. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!

The Amazon thing is about control. Other people want to control me as well and that's not working out. I can't help how I feel and as far as I know, no one can make me change my feelings. It would be much nicer if I could be accepted as I am instead of how someone wants me to be.

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