Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not Silent Sunday

Let's go around Casa de Dragon, shall we?
Kurt clearing the 8 point garden while Halona wishes he would throw the ball instead.
Current reading material. I see a magick of Celtic Knots post in the future.
Protection spell. Raw crystal on window sill.
Current viewing pleasure.
I decided my gourds should go into my wash pot cauldron. The one on the right wasn't dried out enough so it is still hanging in the store room.
Going along with the if-you-grew-it-yourself-it's-powerful-magick theme, I also added this jar of mint.
Just put up the humming bird feeder. Some tips- if you are uncertain how much the feeder holds, fill the feeder with plain water, pour that into a measuring pitcher, then add sugar. Spray the hook and string with cooking spray to keep the ants away. Cooking spray kills ants and won't harm the birds.
I decorated for Pagan Sex Day Easter two weeks ago.
I have an Easter basket on the back porch.
Horse shoe for luck. And a wreath hanging from the eaves.
Wind chime charged to bring change into my life. I got it at the Dollar store. Stop judging me.

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