Saturday, March 2, 2013

Art Talk

Another lovely picture with all sorts of elements and meanings. Let's start with the window- is that an eye, as in the metaphor 'eyes are the window of the soul', OR given its shape, does that represent a vagina? Or is it a Harry Potter knock off? I'm leaning toward vagina. Of course, the scene outside the window is rather barren, so I must assume this is about sex for sake of sex and not sex for procreation. There's an undergarment, but with the owl perched on the dressmaker's dummy, I am led to think this is a lady who knows how to use sex to get what she wants. Clearly, she also knows glamour. Maybe that's why her hair is a grayish color- she's older than she looks. The clock behind her indicates a late time and keys usually mean mastery and secrets. The books on the shelf are in shadow which makes me think more hands on, less reading and thinking. The poster is interesting, not in and of itself, but as in why is it there? Posters tend more towards low art, teens, and fantasy. The placement is odd as well, someone who need to sink down to see it. She's got a tape measure, but no needles, pins, or scissors, so how exactly is she making the purple dress? Has she slipped into the dressmaker's workroom to add her own magic? Because she's definitely got magic in the works. And we assume it's good magic based on the bright colors of the light, but is her intent pure? Her dress is gold at the top and brown at the bottom, an indication of riches topping earthly matters. Does this lady feel money is more important than desire? Did she sleep her way to the top? Is she pretending to be well born but unable to hide her modest beginnings? And what of her rose, large and full but not lush and red? It's brown, like the rose is dead and dried and it is not over her heart where a rose of love would be. So what do you think? What is this lady up to?

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