Saturday, February 23, 2013

Witches In Tune With Their Lands

To me, being a Witch means having a relationship with the place I live in. It means knowing the season not because of what the wall calendar says, but going by what the plants and animals are doing.
I used to think being a Witch meant casting spells.
Now I think spells are just one aspect of what Witches do.
I used to lug lots of tools outside for rituals- a small table, candles, salt, water, sword, broom, paper copy of my ritual, lighter, offering, stones to mark the Quarters...then I'd worry about someone coming along and seeing all my stuff. Of course, afterwards every thing had to be dragged back inside.

In case you're wondering, no, you don't need stuff to practice Witchcraft. You need to be still, to pay attention, and to listen.
I spend some time outdoors every day no matter what the weather.
If you go outside enough, eventually you will become one with your land.
The land will tell you what it needs. It is the Witch's job to do want the land says- to pick up trash, to plant trees, to feed animals, to retell the history of a place so it is not forgotten.

You can have a small garden, even just a few plants, you can hang one bird feeder, you can recycle, and you can go outside every day. It doesn't need to be complicated. The land doesn't ask for much.
Some lands just want you to be there.
When the land is happy, you will be happy.


Sarah said...

Hi there. I just recently discovered your corner of the web. Great blog. I love this post, and you are so right. I moved from the Blue Ridge Mountains to a tiny island in the Bahamas (fewer than 100 residents and only a mile long)about 10 years ago. I had so much trouble at first trying to celebrate the traditional Wheel of The Year holidays down here. They no longer resonated with me, and it just felt fake. Over the years I have become familiar with the seasons (or lack thereof) down here and adjusted my holidays to suit me and the energy of this little island. You are very right; the land will tell you want it wants from you. This year I have been driven to replenish the land that has been barren for so long. Bright Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday morning.

FreeDragon said...

Thanks Sarah! I've been reading your blog (which I love) but for some reason Blogger won't let me follow you- so please don't think I'm a crazy stalker.