Monday, February 25, 2013

Twitch, twitch, twitch

My nose itched for three days. It was only the left side. My co-workers informed me that a man wanted to come see me. The weekend of February 15th passed without a single visitor. My nosed itched some more. 'He wants to come' my co-workers said.

On Wednesday the 20th, I awoke to the sound of heavy machinery. My landlord had decided to knock down the shed. He told me that he wanted to come for over a week but kept putting it off because he knew the shed was a mess and there was no telling what he'd find.

Well. My nose stopped itching.

He did give me some things before demolishing the shed. One was this:
I know you are looking at this picture and thinking: cauldron. It's actually a wash pot. That's why it is so big; it is designed for washing clothes. But I intend to use this wash pot as a cauldron which no doubt adds to the confusion.
Here is a picture of a cook pot beside the wash pot. The cook pot probably holds a gallon easy. It looks like a toy next to the wash pot. I also got some cast iron cookware in dire need of seasoning, a lunch box that may be worth something, pottery, some scrap copper pipe, and a wooden crate with potential.

I thought I had a picture of the old shed, but if I do, I haven't found it. I took pictures of the current state:
First, my landlord dug a deep hole. He cleaned out the shed, tossing items into the hole as he went. His grandmother was a hoarder and most of what was in the shed was junk. His relatives claim she had a pile of money stashed away. We didn't find it. We did find a bunch of cow bells which I used to wake up Kurt. I kept two cow bells. My landlord kept the other five cow bells and four more wash pots. After we got out what we wanted, he pushed the shed down and set it afire. He managed to burn the grass. Smoke is still hanging in the air.
Later he will cover the hole and eventually this will be grass. It already looks better without the ugly, leaning shed and weeds.
Just for fun, here's the back hoe.

So what will I do with the wash pot cauldron? I think I will use it to consecrate items for ritual use. I want to place some things from my land base inside. A long time ago, I read that Tarot cards should be kept in the cauldron along with water from the nearest river, dirt from the nearest crossroad, twigs from a local tree, and so on. It sounded like a mess to me, but with a big pot I've got plenty of room and then some. I'm thinking of bottles with matching labels. I could use the crate with potential. All my specimens could be inside the crate and whatever items I was making sacred could lay on top of the crate. I'll think about it more.

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Sarah said...

Love your new cauldron!