Saturday, February 2, 2013

Progress Report

Happy Imbolc! I started the day by cleaning my altar. I have been cleaning a lot lately. It seems very important right now to tie up loose ends, to handle business, and to leave nothing negative lurking in small corners. Imbolc is a time when progress is made but often goes unnoticed because the change is internal. If you've stuck with your New Year's Resolutions, you will be seeing some results now. But probably no one else realized you lost five pounds. If you look to the outside world, there may be some hints of spring- tightly closed buds for example. But it's really easy to overlook the barest hint of green when the wind's chilly fingers brush your neck.

Imbolc is a great time to work on private and personal issues. With Valentine's Day is coming, now would be a good time to update your wardrobe- starting with your underwear. Throw out everything with holes. Are you secretly a Sex Goddess? Do you think Goddesses wear granny panties? Buy something nice. The stores are full of silk and satin in red, black, and purple. Transform yourself into a Seductress and get ready for February 14th.

Imbolc is about the change on the verge of happening. If you're ready for change, the transition is welcome. If you're determined to hold on to out-dated thinking, the change will feel sudden and traumatic. The Wheel is going to turn whether you're enjoying the ride or not.

I am having a bumpy ride at work. I did manage to banish Nancy. She got another job. I haven't had anymore dreams about her. I feel things are settled. BUT I have a new problem- Mary. Mary doesn't like me. At all. I don't know why. Last night things blew up. I was working at a different station beside Mary's friend Jenny. I asked Jenny to move some parts. Jenny didn't think this was her job. Rather than telling me, she went to Mary and asked her to explain my new job duties to me. Mary isn't a supervisor or boss and she should have stayed out of it but instead she rushed over to me and started an argument. I tried being polite but she kept cutting me off in mid sentence. Finally she asked me if I knew what teamwork was. I had the overwhelming urge to slap her. The whole time everyone was staring at us. When Mary walked away, she loudly complained that I rolled my eyes at her. I didn't, she was just making things up. I wasn't rude or disrespectful. I didn't want to keep arguing with her. Afterwards, everyone was whispering about me. I have the feeling Mary is going to be creating more issues. Time to do some defensive spell work.

I am halfway through my post on storm magick. We had serve weather while I was writing so I had to get off the computer. I live with a computer hog and it is nearly impossible to get my desk back. When Kurt gets his tax refund, I will strongly suggest he buy a laptop for himself. Also in the works is a post on familiars and maybe one on my land base.

My Kitchen Witch Magick is evolving. I have been studying recipes and plants. This leads to wondering which elements are necessary and wondering how much more magick can be added to process that is already art, magick, and mundane all at the same time. Some people think Kitchen Witches practice simple magick. There is absolutely nothing simple about it. A good Witch just makes it look easy.

I'm sort of wavering on my Etsy shop. I had decided to close it. As items expired, I deleted them. Then suddenly I had the idea of completely changing what I sell- change the name, the product, everything. I'm not sure how I feel about all this so I'm letting things simmer on the back burner for a while longer.

I am now one month into my journal project. I like how things are going. It seems life radiates more smoothly. I have no pictures to show because Blogger is still being a confused bitch. Sorry.

Finally- the give away. I have a winner, but she hasn't emailed me back. Chrysalis is the winner. There won't be any more monthly give aways. No one was interested. If I do another one it will be around Mid Summer or Halloween.

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Chrysalis said...

I got the magnet! I love it!! Thank you!