Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lovely Bones

I've been asked to show my bone collection:
This is what most people think when they hear 'bone collection'- deer antlers. In Alabama, men do stupid things to get their hands on a nice rack (pun intended). My antlers are found, meaning nothing died so I could have them, and they're a bit chewed up because deer eat fallen antlers for the calcium. I used to have 3 but I gave one to Bob, who wanted to make an antler handle knife. What's in the round box you ask? My crystal ball.
Trickster Coyote. I tried to edit the photo, to flip it upright, but alas, not happening. You'll just have tilt your head.
Feathers, mostly turkey.
Buzzard skull and shells.
Very large shell I found on Maddwind Point, along with a piece of another shell and a rock which MAY contain gold flakes. Gold was once panned here, but they stopped because there was little to be found.
Crate with potential. This will go into the wash pot cauldron and will house more treasures like the ones in this post.

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Sarah said...

LOVE your Collection! Tee hee...Nice Rack! (Couldn't resist.)