Saturday, January 5, 2013

I hate Blogger

I finally got a picture of this Month's give away.

I couldn't post the picture.

Every time I tried, the browse box simply never came up so I couldn't search for anything. Not on my computer, not by my phone, not anywhere, anyhow. Nothing.

If anyone who works for Blogger is reading this, I would like it if all the functions of your website actually functioned. All the time. Whenever I click on something. Just a little heads up, people will be more likely to use Blogger if they can use it. That should be obvious, but evidently it is not because I encounter some of the most ridiculous problems.

I finally got the picture up by taking a side-step approach. I'd rather not have to trick my blog like that. Up for grabs is a magnet which states 'Harm None Unless they deserve it' The magnet is to the right of this page and I just assume you can see it. I could be wrong. Maybe the blog looks nothing like the way I intend. To enter the give away, email me I must have some way to get your address. Please don't post your real name and address on this blog where everyone can see it. You can enter as many times as you like and I will come up with some random way to pick a winner on January 31. On the first Saturday of February, I'll start another give away. Fun, fun.

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