Thursday, January 10, 2013

Computer Hog

I barely have time to pay the water bill online, let alone check my mail. Somebody has been playing games. Every waking minute. Mmmmhhhhmmmmm.

So- the give away. Just email me. It would be nice if give away was in the subject line, but this isn't necessary because I get very little mail at that account. If I don't respond I am probably reading my mail on my phone and well, I can't manage to respond to anything because instead of clicking 'send' I snap the slide shut thus closing my Internet connection. I do this every single time. If you write a lot, I probably can't read it on my phone anyway because instead of going to the next page, the phone takes me to to the next email. So I need my computer to read long stuff and I can't get on the computer because Kurt is playing Battle Pirates on Facebook.

I am doing a lot of cool stuff with my yard and house. I have no idea if Blogger got over its brain fart and is once again allowing me to post pics. Not that I've had time to photograph anything.

I really don't have time to do anything. Lunch was eaten today in the parking lot at work because I was late coming home from the store. I have to work Saturday so it is doubtful I'll hold a needle anytime soon.

I am having some funky dreams. And whenever I have a freaking spare minute, I'll tell you about the lesbian in denial who psychically stalking me.

Stay tuned. Things are just warming up.

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