Friday, January 18, 2013

Bits and Bobs

Enter the Give Away. Just enter. It runs for a while longer. I want to do give aways each month, but if no one really shows an interest, I won't do them. I haven't gotten much of a response, so if you want something for nothing you'd better start speaking up.

I'd say my banishing spell worked, even though Nancy is still around. I started the spell on Saturday. She wasn't at work that day, nor was she at work Monday. On Tuesday she breezed in, said she might be changing jobs, then didn't do much of anything. I suppose if she does leave today will be her last day, but now I don't care. I haven't dreamed about her and unless I see her at work I tend to forget she exists. No one is whispering behind my back. I'm good now.

Kurt and I have been watching BBC's 'Sherlock' which we love. We sit up late after working, watching the Netflix rentals and we feel sad when the show is over. Nothing to do but go to bed then eagerly check the mail over the next few days. We're halfway through the second disk of season one and I am afraid to see how many seasons were filmed because if there aren't anymore I will just be lost.

Yesterday it snowed but it didn't stick. Now it is ungodly cold and I don't want to change out of my flannel pajamas or put down my coffee cup.

I got garden porn in the mail yesterday- this one is herbs. I saw lots of plants I had only read about. These are live plants, not seeds, and all the plants are $5.95 It's The Grower's Exchange if you're interested and I am ordering chocolate mint. Actually, I'm getting a bunch of plants and all I've settled on, really must have, is chocolate mint.

The W2's started coming in, I'm doing laundry now, and the dogs are laying on their towels in the kitchen. I spread the towels out nice and neat. The dogs stand patiently beside me, tails wagging. Then I step back, the dogs lay down- and bunch the towels into a wad. I don't see the point, but the girls think it's great fun. Also great fun is getting to lick the bowls and pots when I cook. I am in one of my rare cooking moods. I really want to make stews, breads, and delicious baked confections, but I haven't had time. What little cooking I have done doesn't last because Kurt has been eating non-stop. I would hate to be trapped with him on an island with a pitiful little food supply because we would surely starve to death in under a week.

The waiting is the hardest part. During the summer I thought I was pregnant. I wasn't, so we decided to actually try for a baby. First, I determine the best time. Then I wait for that time. I have discovered ovulation doesn't occur at the same time every month. For the best chance, we start having sex, lots and lots of sex, a few days before, during, and after ovulation. We almost have sex every day except for those days when diabetes decides to be a bitch. Usually, low sugars occur on ovulation because diabetes is a bitch. After sex, I wait. I wonder if I am pregnant yet. I'm pretty sure I'm not, but I might be, so I don't drink alcohol. I'll get a splitting headache, reach for the painkillers, then remember my headache meds are blood thinners which shouldn't be taken during pregnancy. Am I or not? I'll try to tough it out. Then I get my period, diabetes is a bitch again, but at least I can have a drink to soothe my depression. I've tried to not care, to just blithely go through life and whatever happens happens. This doesn't work either. I am still sad when I get my period. Sometimes I am late, I'll feel hope swelling up, and I try not to get excited because I'm sure I will be disappointed again. Kurt already has two children. He had a vasectomy, then had it reversed two years ago. We have a 50% chance before diabetes gets thrown into the mix. I try not to think about the numbers because it just seems so impossible. Let's talk about something else.

I sort of got Blogger to post pictures. Maybe I can do Silent Sundays again. Then my readers, all three of you, can have something pretty to see. Look! Horse! Pretty! I can't do it the easy way where I take a pic with my phone or save something I saw on Pinterest. I'm having to go sideways again. Stupid Blogger.

Speaking of Pinterest, Kurt went for a haircut. I probably only have a little while before the computer hog returns so I'm going to go pin cool shit.

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