Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Attic Windows Pin- Mind Clearing Charm

I made my first stitch witch charm- the whole thing is a spell from start to finish. I made a pin from embroidery floss and plastic canvas. My design is a quilt block, Attic Windows. Because of the dreams I started having during the Release Challenge, I decided I needed something to help with negative thought patterns.
Just a little aside here: this is my briefcase where I store my needlework. This briefcase was a gift from my mother when I took piano lessons so I could have a place for my sheet music. Yes, those are my real initials, and no, I do not know what the hell my momma was thinking when she named me.
A page from one of my many sketch books. A long time ago, I designed an Attic Windows quilt. I never made the quilt, but no need to let the pattern go to waste. I scaled my design down to four squares.
Now the fun parts- using magick tools. I used a deck of cards for a tarot reading, my spindle to get the energy moving, and my crystal ball to manifest design into reality.
This was the first card of the reading. A cemetery again! I think this project will be about facing shadows and fears, and possibly moving into other realms of reality.
This is the card I got when I asked what the end result would be. I am taking it to mean being aware of emotions but able to rise above them, being the mistress of myself, and staying focused on the direction I wish to take. As you can see, I'm writing all this in my journal in case I need to review later.
Last cards. These came from asking what colors and numbers I should use. I settled on multiples of three and tried to pick colors I thought represented clarity, understanding, and comfort.
Almost finished. Attic Windows is supposed to be about light and shadow. I've always thought of it as depicting late afternoon or early evening. To me, an attic is place where things are stored and probably forgotten. Surprises abound in attics. It is the prefect metaphor for the mind.
The completed pin. It took longer to read the cards than to do the stitching. I had fun making this little project and have already planned more. I think I whipped up the whole thing (minus the magick part) in under 20 minutes. Expect more to appear on this blog.


Aine O'Brien said...

Wow, very cool idea and charm! I also like your tarot cards - which ones are they??

FreeDragon said...

The deck is regular playing cards with art by Anne Stokes. She also has a tarot deck with much of the same art that appears on these cards.